Environmental Health and Health Effects: Improvement Strategies


The paper deals with the environmental health and health effects of the environmental change. The world has changed dramatically during the last century. Unlimited human activity in the sphere of industry and lack of protection of the environment caused a number of problems, such as greenhouse effect, global warming, acid rains, water and soil pollution. Nature reflected the negative impact and started modification. Environmental changes are the crucial factor that influences the human health. The diseases and natural phenomena became more severe and frequent. Asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer are only the most widespread problems that emerged because of the environmental change. The paper makes an accent the strategies for improvement of the environmental situation as mitigation and adaptation approaches seem to be significant for tackling the problem.

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The environmental change influences the human health in a significant way. As the matter of fact, climate changes play a fundamental role in the health-related issues. Certain diseases transform to more serious with the variety of new symptoms. With the tendency towards the global warming, floods are intense and have bigger consequences for the community. Hurricanes and droughts are the next issues caused by climate change, and it should be stressed that they become more severe and frequent. The group under the risk are children, poor, and aged people. The reasons for environmental change can be found in human activity and industrial pollution. The major purpose of the paper is to make an accent on the environmental health; environmental factors that impact health, and the role of everyone in improving the situation.


Global shifts in climate have already influenced the environment. The scientists claim that the global warming causes the glaciers to melt. The increase in the overall temperature even for one degree seems to be considerably dangerous. However, the situation of the environmental changes that we are facing now was predicted long ago. Despite the evident consequences, the society in general continues to act irresponsibly without any attention towards saving the nature. The experts claim that “taken as a whole, the range of published evidence indicates that the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time” (Wells, 2013). The researchers are sure that the global warming will not be eliminated until the greenhouse effect is not tackled. Discovering the tendency of the climate changes, scientist predict that the sea level will rise, the hurricane will be more severe, the temperature will increase, more droughts will emerge, and Arctic is likely to melt. All the stated above adverse consequences of the environmental changes could be eliminated if the society would take into consideration the planet as the home. Nonetheless, the situation can be turned for better, as it is not too late. However, then the question arise, are people aware of the danger that the climate shifts will bring along? As the matter of fact, the knowledge should be spread to highlight the significance of the issue. The vast majority of people do not see the connection between the development of new diseases, intense natural phenomena, and the water, soil, or air pollution. It should be pointed out that innovation in the sphere of the technologies and industry resulted in the severe impact on the environment. Nowadays, science should work for the only objective, saving the surrounding; otherwise, the humanity will be under the risk.

Environmental Factors that Impact Health

The consequences of the environmental change can be found not only in the health sphere but also in changing the natural phenomena. Heat waves, hurricanes, and flooding are one of the most burning issues that society faced because of climate changes. Water and air pollution resulted in the depletion of the resources. However, the society can make a barrier for prevention of the consequences of the diseases. Mitigation and adaptation to the climate changes are the best options to reduce the risks. First and foremost, the greenhouse effect should be mitigated by the decrease of the carbon in the atmosphere (Climate change 2014: Impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability, n.d.). Fossil fuels and industry pollution cause the greenhouse effect. Electric cars and treatment plans should be used and improved. Nevertheless, it is an impressive stimulus for the science to develop and make progress. Adaptation should be used when it is impossible to mitigate the environmental change. Adaptation and mitigation strategies will have a positive effect not only on the environment but for the health as well. The approaches should be created on the base of science.

The area of the connection between the environment, human health, and climate change requires further research. However, according to the recent findings, the environmental changes are the reason for the following diseases, namely cancer, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, stress, and waterborne disease. People become more allergic because of the high level of carbon in the atmosphere. It worth stating that such issue is widespread in the developed countries that prove the fact that climate pollution is the primary reason for the climate changes. Global warming causes the poor air quality, and smog, in addition, creates a dangerous mixture that contributes to the spread of asthma (Grover, 2014). The next issue that affects the health and the environment as well is ozone layer depletion. The ozone layer is a barrier from the harmful influence of the sun rays. The depletion is caused by chlorofluorocarbons (Climate change 2014: Impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability, n.d.). When the toxic gas comes up to the atmosphere, it creates holes. The depletion of the ozone layer is an invisible problem; however, the impact on health is dramatic. Skin cancer, blindness, cataracts, and immunosuppression are the result of the ozone layer depletion.

My Role in Improving or Eliminating Environmental Barriers to Health

Everyone need and should contribute to the improvement or eliminating the environmental barriers to health. The irresponsible attitude towards nature led the society to the problem we face now. Toxic chemicals, fossil fuels, and industry pollution caused global warming and the greenhouse effect. As the matter of fact, the only solution to the problem is the development of mitigation and adaptive strategies. Every person can contribute to the improvement of the environment. I suppose that the society should change the accent towards the creation of the environmentally friendly community. People can help the surrounding by changing some habits. I turn the computer off when I do not use it, especially at night, recycle newspapers, use both sides of the paper, eliminate the usage of the plastic, and try to walk on foot more or use the bicycle.

The vast majority of people tend to think that the situation can change only with the governmental or science intervention into the issue. Although it is true, one should keep in mind that it is not enough, as the problem demands a bigger spectrum of the action (Luber & Lemery, 2015). If every person thinks about the environment, it will change the situation for good. I try to eliminate the conditioner usage and air the room when it is too hot. Moreover, I usually do not use the plastic drinking straw or the lid on the coffee cup. However, omitting plastic and trying to save energy is only one side of the issue. To reduce the level of carbon, it is necessary to use the electric cars instead of the ones most people use nowadays. However, it worth noting that this rule is difficult to implement. Nevertheless, in the nearest future, the auto industry will substitute cars for the electric ones.

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Advertisement plays a significant role in spreading the information. Saving the environment should become the mainstream and a lifestyle. Everyone should be aware of the consequences of the irresponsible actions.


In conclusion, it should be pointed out that the question regarding the significance of the impact of the environmental changes on the human health seems to be the most urgent and demands certain actions. Nature has already reflected the negative influence of the human activity. I do not profess to be an expert regarding the subject, but I am strongly convinced that the best and immediate solution to the problem is to become environmentally friendly and to lay more accent on saving the environment. Earth is our home and people should take care of it; otherwise, the consequences will be dreadful and environmental changes that occur now only hint about it.


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