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Environmental Issues: Climate Change

Unquestionably, global transformation is becoming a challenge encompassing a broad scope of human life, including its economic and social features. Conducted investigations indicate that climate change will continuously affect the globe so long as necessary precautions are not taken to preserve the environment. Therefore, I believe in all the hype about climate change and global warming rising under human influence since there are already evident climatic changes in the current environment. Most individuals acknowledge the magnitude of these alterations. Global warming can drastically derange some of nature’s indispensable conditions for food, air, water, and health.

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Daily, globalization keeps growing, making it difficult to predict the future of human security. Some of the climatic alterations and environmental threats bred from global warming include the role of human pursuits such as burning fossil fuels and industrial undertakings upon which modern civilization relies (Henderson et al., 2018). Additionally, human activity and natural events are the major causes of global warming. In that respect, I mainly make the world clean and help cut down pollution by pulling out my finances from businesses that I deem as causing damage to the climate and environment. Moreover, it is essential to recycle, create awareness, buy organic products, and finally be responsible and environmentally conscious when making choices. Fossil fuels are not the most dangerous polluters, human beings are. Therefore, personal actions, for instance, taking one’s bike or shopping organic, are vital for climatic protection, especially in this era.

Climate change is essentially piloted by the utilization of fossil fuels and collaterally by greenhouse effects and other less prominent undertakings. Therefore, the overriding means of solving global warming would be eliminating fossil fuel utilization in the contemporary world whenever practicable (Henderson et al., 2018). This would mean the globe is transitioning from fossil fuel utilization to carbon-free and infinite energy derivations, such as wind, hydro, and solar power, which have a percentage below three of the fossil fuel energy sources. Despite the vitality of cutting down pollution, I think that bringing a complete end to fossil fuels would not be practical or possible. This is because it would largely put a hold on transportation, industrial production, agricultural production, and electricity production, resulting in the world going back to how it used to be before civilization. Nevertheless, I think it is possible to come up with a way to resolve this problem short of burning fossil fuels.

In terms of climatic change and environmental issues, I believe technology can develop solutions that make it possible to secure the environment and manage climatic changes without completely cutting out the burning of fossil fuels in the long run. According to research, there is a possibility that in the future, inventions that allow us to burn fossil fuels and not cause pollution at the same time may be manifested, including carbon removal technologies (Henderson et al., 2018). This would consequently provide a global warming solution that does not necessarily require the cutting down of pollution. Another possible solution to this problem is creating a filter-like technology, which allows for the burning of fossil fuels without emissions going out into the atmosphere. Windmills, nuclear energy, and hydro energy would also be a great way to tackle global warming. However, these are just speculations of advanced science and technology, although they are a strong possibility considering how innovative technology is growing.

In conclusion, climatic change poses a threat to the planet in various forms, including vital impacts on health, food, water, and air. It presents a possibility of terrible and worse implications on humanity universally if not countered on time. However, there is a glimpse of hope in the developing technologies where global warming and climatic changes might be managed and the danger of an inhabitable planet deleted.


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