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Epic Electronic Medical Records System Analysis


EMR systems can make or break a healthcare facility’s quality. EMR systems are for everyone, from independent primary care physicians to specialists and major medical organizations. EMR systems were once considered a luxury in the medical community. However, they have now become a must for all types of medical practices. Not only will implementing this technology improve patient care and back-office operations, but it will also save money. As a result, it is critical to assess the effectiveness of systems before their introduction. This paper will evaluate the Epic EMR system based on five criteria.

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Epic EMR System

Epic EHR is a cloud-based EHR software solution that caters to many medical specializations, large and small. They include all of the standard EHR capabilities while also emphasizing telehealth and remote treatment (J Johnson III, 2016). Epic is now employed by more than 250 healthcare organizations across the country, with Epic accounting for 45 percent of all medical records in the United States (Alpert, 2016).


Software expenses vary greatly depending on the system. The cost is primarily determined by the features you select and the number of users. Epic EMR healthcare software pricing ranges from $1,200 for self-hosted systems to $500k for very large healthcare facilities and hospitals. If training is not included, it can cost up to $2,000 more (Alpert, 2016).


Epic, like most EHR software platforms, is based on a client-server architecture. Many contend that this paradigm is insufficient to support the significant healthcare transition presently underway, centered on opening up health data to promote interaction between providers, payers, and patients (Alpert, 2016). However, one feature unique to Epic may create additional doubts about the platform’s long-term viability of its programming language. Epic is based not only on a client-server approach but also on MUMPS (Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System) (Davis & Khansa, 2016). According to specialists, MUMPS programmers are a vanishing breed, making it difficult to find someone with the talent and drive to create Epic extensions (Davis & Khansa, 2016).


Epic EHR is a HIPAA-compliant program that prioritizes patient privacy protection (J Johnson III, 2016). Whether a practice uses Epic EHR software on a mobile device, a desktop computer, or a web browser, Epic commits to keeping patient data secure:


The information and data users provide to Epic’s EHR system, including mobile apps, is encrypted and securely delivered to Epic. (J Johnson III, 2016).

Restrictions on Applications

Epic’s patient privacy policy prohibits them from selling or licensing any patient data entered through their mobile apps. Epic cannot store any patient information on their cloud-based systems or your mobile device due to this (J Johnson III, 2016).

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Epic Systems’ ability to provide an integrated platform for practically all aspects of care is one of the reasons it has become a technology leader among healthcare businesses. When Epic sees a need to improve technology in a new specialty, such as Eye Care, they produce “modules,” which are built on the same platform and data structure as the rest of their products (J Johnson III, 2016). The following is a list of the critical Epic Systems modules that have been released, as well as the clinical areas in which they are used: ASAP ER Module, EpicCare Ambulatory, EpicCare Inpatient, Epic Beacon Oncology, Epic Bugsy, Epic Beaker, Epic Bone and so on (J Johnson III, 2016).


Epic includes the majority of the essential capabilities found in any sound EHR software system, emphasizing telehealth tools and functionality. The EHR software also features customizable templates, allowing doctors of any specialization to tailor their program to their individual needs: appointment scheduling, management of the billing process, workflow in the clinic, document management, claims, and insurance, integration in the lab, templates for medical professionals, patient information. (J Johnson III, 2016).


Epic EHR is one of the most widely used EHR systems since it supports various specializations and practice types. The following is a list of disciplines Epic claims to specialize in anesthesia, cardiology, dentistry, dialysis, endoscopy, ENT, oncology, and more (Davis & Khansa, 2016).

Implementing an EMR can be challenging, and planning ahead of time is critical to avoid mistakes. Significant responsibility is evaluating an EHR system’s selection criteria and deployment plan to assure availability and integrity of patient health information data while providing quick, accurate, and regulatory-compliant report generation. However, finding the right system is critical since these systems may improve productivity, patient care quality, and safety, and Epic is a good example.


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