Equal Justice Initiative Organization’s Operational Effectiveness

Equal Justice Initiative was established in 1989 as a non-profit-making organization that focuses on providing legal representation to prisoners wrongfully convicted of various crimes (Stevenson, 2015). The founder, Bryan Stevenson, was concerned about the growing number of innocent individuals incarcerated because of their inability to hire competent lawyers who could guarantee them fair trials. Headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, the firm has remained committed to providing justice to those who deserve it irrespective of their financial capacity. In this paper, the focus of the researcher is to discuss ways in which this organization can boost its operational effectiveness.

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Boosting the Organization’s Operational Effectiveness

The operational effectiveness of a non-governmental organization is always affected by many factors. As Lewis (2014) observes, while for-profit entities are driven by the desire to make profits, non-profit-making organizations must have unique management models that would ensure that they remain sustainable in their operations. The following are some of the factors that would enhance operational effectiveness of Equal Justice Initiative.

Effective Communication and Coordination

Effective communication is critical for a normal operation of Equal Justice Initiative. The management of this body must make sure that lawyers and investigators can communicate with ease to identify facts that can be used in court to protect their clients. It must also create an environment of trust between lawyers and clients who need the protection. Stevenson (2015) argues that one of the factors that make some cases fail in court is the inability of the client to reveal sensitive facts that can help protect them.

As such, clients should be encouraged to provide critical facts even if the information did not relate to the case. The management should also ensure that there is a proper coordination of activities among its workforce. Different teams assigned varying tasks should share facts gathered and areas that still need to be addressed.

Effective Sourcing and Management of Resources

Equal Justice Initiative is a non-profit-making entity that does not generate income from its daily activities. This means that this organization must find alternative ways of generating income. It has to rely on donations from various donors such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Feiler (2017) notes that creating a close working relationship with such entities may be critical for ensuring that the organization has regular funding every year.

The organization’s activities should be clearly defined in a way for donors to understand goals and appreciate its benefit to the society. Lewis (2014) warns that when funding is received, it should be spent as planned. The top management should ensure that the budget is developed based on the pressing needs. Reassigning resources to other activities or private use may drive away donors. Without financiers, this organization cannot pay its utility bills and other critical expenses needed to enhance its operations.

Hiring Skilled and Experienced Personnel

This non-profit-making organization would need to hire skilled and experienced lawyers, detectives, and other staff members to help in various activities. Some lawyers may be willing to offer pro bono services when they are free. However, this entity must have its own full time lawyers who are dedicated to its activities. As explained above, when the firm has regular donors, it can use these funds to hire some of the best lawyers and detectives to defend victims of injustice.

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Kanter and Sherman (2017) argue that the only way that non-profit organization can compete with profit-making organizations in terms of recruiting and retaining top talents is to offer attractive remunerations. It means that Equal Justice Initiative will need to pay its workers reasonable salaries to retain them. Feiler (2017) believes that once the talent is recruited, it is necessary for the management to create an environment where they can work effectively without feeling intimidated in any way. They should be allowed to make decisions on cases they are handling based on facts they present to the top management.

Creation of Goodwill in the Society

The operational effectiveness of a non-profit-making non-governmental entity is often defined by the perception of the society towards it. Members of the society and policy-makers will be interested in the activities of such firms (Claeyé, 2014). The primary goal of this organization is to provide legal representation to those who are convicted wrongly because of their inability to pay the best lawyers in the country. However, it is important to note that not all the people who may seek its services are innocent. Some of them may be serial murderers, rapists, and economic criminals whom the society would want to spend their time in jail.

When it is known that this entity is protecting such individuals, then it may be considered counterproductive to the safety and progress of the society. On the other hand, if it selects individuals to represent, then the society may view it as being discriminative. As such, the management should clearly articulate its vision so that it is understood. The leadership of this entity must understand that its success is defined by what others feel about it.

Life Transformation

Helping individuals to avoid unfair imprisonment should not be the only aim of this organization. Some of these individuals might have spent several years in prison and may not be able to lead normal lives after their release. As such, Equal Justice Initiative should work in collaboration with other like-minded agencies that can help equip the released prisoners with skills that they can use in life. Anderson (2011) believes that such initiatives may help enhance mutual success.

The ultimate goal should be to make sure that these individual’s lives are transformed positively. They should come out as responsible members of the society who can get actively involved in various economic activities. They should not be a burden to the society. Such initiatives will make donors and other partners to appreciate the relevance of this entity and support its operations.


Equal Justice Initiative is a non-profit-making entity that seeks to offer legal representation to individuals who are denied justice. The effectiveness of this organization is based on several factors. As a body that does not make profits from its operations, one of the critical factors that would define its success is regular funding from various donors. It is prudent for the management to form a lasting relationship with its financiers to sustain its growth. It is necessary for the firm to use the resources effectively by hiring top talents and streamlining its activities. It should also ensure that members of the public understand and appreciate the importance of its activities. Public awareness campaigns and direct engagement with various government agencies are some of the strategies it can use to win the trust of the society.


Anderson, D. L. (2011). Cases and exercises in organization development and change. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

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