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Equal Opportunity Advisor Constructing Personal Visions

I have always cherished the dream of becoming an Equal Opportunity Advisor as I possessed an aptitude for matters relating to civil rights as well as Commandant Instructions. During my life so far, I have seen people, who, despite being highly talented and capable, have not been able to rise up in their lives because some or other circumstances deprived them from the opportunities due to their belonging to a certain racial or ethnic group. Similarly, discrimination still exists in the society and people need to realize the harm which disparities in the treatment of individuals based on race or gender can bring to a community and ultimately to a nation. Statistics published by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicate that during 2011 “99947” cases for discrimination have been filed with them (Charge Statistics: FY 1997 Through FY 2011, n.d.). There is an urgent need for us to eschew preconceived notions about what qualifies people to their rights and we must try to integrate different groups into one and tap the potential of each one by this amalgamation rather than segregating people on the basis of race, ethnicity or nationality. Everyone has contributed to the building of this nation and, therefore, everyone must receive equal opportunity.

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Thus, when I look at success in leadership, I would like to consider the broader spectre of issues and view it from a community, national and global perspective rather than individual. I understand that leaders with a broader vision need to “the community as a whole” rather than focusing on individuals (Crosby and Bryson, 2005). This, success in life for me is not merely attaining certain goals and improving my life but it transcends finally to what I can do for my family, community, nation and to my fellow human beings. In my opinion, one’s career is not a merely vehicle to earn bread and butter or wealth. While pursuing a career, one must also strive to ensure that the rights of every individual are protected and justice is imparted to all. I also feel that the belief in God is not merely a religious atonement but it must be seen in a spiritual context, where a human has to root his faith in nature and see everyone as the children of God so that he or she would be able to imbibe in the self a sense of esprit de corps and altruism.

During my childhood, my elders have instilled in me a certain sense of values and as I grew up my perceptions of these values had guided me to maturity. The culture and tradition in which I received my grooming have also contributed to my growth into a responsible citizen. Having been raised by a single parent, I have endured and understood the difficulties involved in sharing and giving, yet realized how rewarding this could be ultimately. Growing up in Harlem, New York, has helped me observe the world in close proximity, understand the difficulties of the common man and the problems associated with city life, discrimination, inequality, criminal activities etc. Personally, whenever I encounter violation of the rights of a person, my first impulse is to think about the opportunity that the society deprived this person of. Also I always review all those things that I have received and which this person has been devoid. This has given me a vision that I need to make sure, wherever I can, that everyone receives his rights with no consideration to his race, cast, creed or nationality. My service in the Armed Forces, spanning over 21 years, has brought me to close proximity with equal opportunity issues and I have also attended orientation courses on the subject. The US Army supports an Equal Opportunity Program which seeks to facilitate “equal opportunity to all military personnel, DA civilians and their family members” and I have received the opportunity to contribute to this cause (U.S. Army Equal Opportunity Program, (n.d., p. 3).

To become a leader in Equal Opportunity Programs, I would like to first earn a PhD in Civil Rights. This will enable me to acquire a leadership position where I can make a difference to the existing scheme of things. With my attitude and experience in different fields, including the Army, along with my enthusiasm for the cause, I feel that I would be able to contribute significantly to my community, nation and the global citizens as my country is a host for diverse ethnic and national groups.

In order to make my picture of success a reality, I will have to work hard for achieving the objectives I set for myself. I believe in my sincerity and commitment to this aspect and my yearning to make a potential difference not only to the people of my community but also to other marginalized people who remain deprived of their opportunities due to some or other reasons. I feel highly confident that I will be able to achieve my goals because of the unflinching support that I receive from my family, peers and teachers. I keep a definite schedule for my academic commitments and I make sure that I do all the tasks according to the predetermined plans. Wherever shortfalls occur, I compensate them by working extra hours or on holidays. I also simultaneously work for non-governmental organizations to gain experience in similar areas as well as to obtain first hand information from people who really need help in various aspects. Once I complete my PhD, I will try to get a placement in an environment that will facilitate me the best opportunity to invest my zest and zeal for the cause and offer me the best exposure.

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