Domestic Violence as a Research Topic

The possible topic for research

The main questions to consider are:

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  • What is the contemporary perspective on the issue of domestic violence?
  • What are the long-term effects of it?
  • Do both parties involved in domestic violence equality contribute to the emergence of it?
  • What are the possible ways to prevent domestic violence?
  • Can a family recuperate after the acts of violence?

The personal importance of the topic

It is worth noting that violence is manifested in various spheres of life; however, one of the most pressing challenges that I have faced in the community where I was growing up since early childhood and all the way to adulthood was the problem of domestic violence. The family abuse that took place in my community, often affected women, elder members of the family, and children. Nevertheless, men are frequently subjected to physical and mental harassment as well (Straus, 2010).

Moreover, there are different types of abuse including economic, psychological, sexual, and so on and many people and minors, in particular, are not able to realize that they are being harassed. Most importantly, any kind of violence always implies high psychological pressure. Recent sociological and psychological studies have revealed that the issue is far from being resolved and therefore it is reasonable to state that domestic violence poses a threat to the stability of the contemporary society (Sweet, 2015). Despite the measures taken, the situation indicates that the legislative mechanisms to prevent it do not function properly whereas the society is not knowledgeable of the ways to combat family abuse.

This topic is important for me not only because I have seen the examples of domestic violence in my community, but also because this is a global issue. Individuals experiencing violence and children growing up in such an environment, as a rule, cannot fully function in the society and experience life-long consequences (Gosselin, 2010). When conducting research on this topic, I will be aiming at studying and understanding the problem better. In addition, one of the main goals is to develop the feasible ways of how the members of the society can influence the current situation.

The brief summary of the current points of view about the topic

The first side of the issue is the law system and its correlation to the problem of domestic violence. In the study of this phenomenon, it is essential to determine the perceptions of experts and representatives of the public and legislative bodies to this pressing issue. Most researchers suggest that political leaders and legal authority are often faced with the problem of domestic violence in their daily activities; thus, they have to introduce and implement such strategies that can assist in resolving the occurrence. According to the experts, women and children are subjected to family harassment the most (Lander, Howsare, & Byrne, 2013).

The elder adults in the family are less exposed to this phenomenon. Despite the fact that experts acknowledge the existence of the problem in the country, it is not considered as the most urgent problem to be addressed (Sweet, 2015). Moreover, many experts do not regard this problem to be threatening the wellbeing of the contemporary society while there are other more crucial aspects that require resolving.

The second side of this problem is represented by the perceptions of non-governmental organizations and public figures. From this point of view, unlike the experts working in the legislative and executive authorities, the representatives of public organizations perceive domestic violence to be a social problem. Such bodies consider that alcoholism of one or both parents is the main cause of abusing (Sweet, 2015).

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Moreover, it is viewed as a socio-psychological problem, which can be passed from generation to generation. It is believed that a person who has gone through strong stress in childhood and was raised by means of violence can reveal the same violent patterns of behavior in his or her future family (Hegarty, 2011). In addition, non-governmental organizations emphasize that the population does not possess effective skills in conflict resolution and that people have no psychological literacy and culture. It is evident that the causes of abuse may lie in the economic reasons related to the low standards of living (low wages, poor living conditions).

However, the non-governmental organizations are more concerned about the social causes than the authorities or the government are. In general, social structures define alcoholism, improper family education, and unequal financial positions of families to be among the leading causes of domestic violence (Sweet, 2015).

The possible audience

Due to the fact that, at present, the manifestation of domestic violence in its multiple forms has become rampant, it is necessary to focus on the widest possible audience in addressing the problem. It is essential to inform the audience that violence in any context is a crime and people need to learn to talk about it and be able to avoid such situations (Sweet, 2015).

As international experience reveals, the activities of non-governmental organizations and the various awareness campaigns will allow creating an atmosphere of intolerance in the society to the occurrences of domestic violence, which is an important component of the solution (Davies & Lyon, 2013). In this connection, it is necessary to develop a social program or initiative with a call to fight against violence. As the audience of the paper will be the general public, it is essential to apply formal voice though utilizing simple notions to be able to reach easier comprehension. The structure of the writing should be organized in such a way to appeal to everyone concerned.

The specific issue within the larger topic

Given the fact that the pressing issue of family abuse has not still been resolved, it is necessary to consider the ways the society can influence and change the setting for the better. If the governmental practices cannot cope with the situation, should the non-governmental bodies be more actively involved in raising the awareness of people? This work will consider and formulate the practical recommendations for greater prevention of domestic violence rather than the theoretical methods of solving the problem. The writing will view and evaluate measures for the cooperation and interaction of the society with non-governmental groups that can support people in this matter.

In addition, the work will stress out the importance and usefulness of educational work that can be held among students, adolescents, and young couples. Of great importance is the need to acquaint the people not only with the methods of preventing violence but also with the measures that can be taken to stop it if the abuse takes place (Hegarty, 2011). In this regard, the writing will reveal the activities pursued by public organizations and crisis centers. Creating a legal framework for the prevention and control of domestic violence is one of the most urgent tasks; nevertheless, the work with the society should also take a holistic character.


Davies, J., & Lyon, E. (2013). Domestic violence advocacy: Complex lives/difficult choices. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

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