American Population’s Profile in 2010

Aging is regarded as one of the most serious issues of developed countries. This is also a significant concern for the USA. For instance, the number of people in their 20s equals to the number of Americans who are in their 50s. However, the population of children under ten is smaller than the populations mentioned above (2010 Census: United States Profile, 2015). Some may say that this is not an alarming trend, but it is clear that the tendency exists. It can be important to make sure that the US economy is ready to the changes within 20 years.

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The USA is the country where many ethnicities live and interact. There are such major ethnic groups as White, African American, Asian American, Native Americans, Hispanic, people of two ethnicities and other ethnicities. However, the density of these populations in different states varies. It is possible to compare demographic data associated with the ethnicity of such highly populous states as New York and California. In New York, the white population is 66%, and the African Americans make up the biggest minority group (16%) (2010 Census Interactive Population Search, 2015). In California, White make up 58%, and the biggest minority group is Asian Americans (13%) (2010 Census Interactive Population Search, 2015). These differences have historical background.

Population density can be regarded as an illustration of the development of particular parts of any country. The more ‘successful’ a city, or a state is, the more people live there. A quick look at the map of population distribution shows that the eastern coast of the country is highly populated while only two eastern states are as populated (2010 Population Distribution in the United States and Puerto Rico, 2015). These states are California and Washington.

This means that the most financial and industrial as well as cultural ‘hubs’ are located in the eastern part. This trend may raise many questions concerning the factors affecting the population density, especially factors that contributed to the significant population density in California.

The USA is one of the most powerful countries in the world. The US middle class is the basis of the system and the wellbeing of the nation. However, there are too many poor people in the USA. It has been estimated that over 15% of Americans live in poverty (All ages in poverty, 2015). In some states, this percentage is even more disturbing. In Mississippi, 21.9% of inhabitants live in poverty (All ages in poverty, 2015). Over 19% of people in New Mexico, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Georgia, Arizona, District of Columbia, Tennessee live in poverty. It is noteworthy that the number of poor people has increased since the 1990s.

Farming is an important sector of the US economy. Many people are involved in this type of business. According to the Census, people over 50 were mainly involved in farming in the 1990 (Average age of farm operators, 1992). This shows that younger generation is more interested in such activities as finance, services, industries and so on. However, it can be important to invest more in this sphere to attract young people, which will contribute to the wellbeing of the country. Of course, the trends may have changed, but it is still clear that Americans in their 30s are still disinterested in the development of the agricultural sector.

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