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Essentials of Strategic Management: Personal Experience


Learning is a big part of life. I getting to know the world around us, other people that live in it, as well as all kinds of phenomena that exist in it, we get to better understand ourselves. Throughout my time as a person, I have managed to learn a lot of different things. Scientific formulas, ideas, theories and simply the thoughts of whose around me. My experiences have undoubtedly shaped me into the person I have become, having been powered both by the things that happened to me and that I did on purpose. In this process, the concept of “vocation” has played a rather significant role for me. It helped me to better understand my relationship with work and other kinds of activity, as well as to put business insight into a new perspective. In Grand View university, I have been able to become more familiar with the concept of the vocation, understand it in a unique light. Vocation, as I have managed to learn, is more than just work, it is a passion and a calling, something that you personally want to do, an activity that you are fulfilled by. As an individual, there are some things that are more valuable to me than others, types of work that I feel best support my continued development and prosperity. Currently, my aspiration is to become a business consultant, working to actively resolve workplace issues and promote a more productive, healthy environment. During the course of this paper, I am planning on discussing the types of vocational activities that bring me enjoyment, what I have managed to learn while attending Grand View, and my general aspirations for the future to come.

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Brief, Worldview and Life Calling

In business, a person must possess a variety of skills to be successful. While many people attempt to run their own businesses, only a handful of them manage to actually achieve good results and stay afloat. Business management and organization is a constant struggle, a swim against an ever-moving tide, an almost uniquely challenging experience. To be a good entrepreneur, I think, one needs an ability to work with others the most. While this can sound rather easy, the process is multi-faceted and can be beneficial to both established businesses and new emerging ones. A businessman that can establish communications will be able to more fruitfully cooperate with others, to use their talents and skills for mutual benefit, allowing them to cover their weaker sides (L. & Jones, 2012). It also gives room for more opportunities in professional development and establishes a positive reputation, something that will help a business to grow its client base. As someone that works to become a consultant, I feel that the problem of supporting small businesses speaks to me the most.

While big companies and organizations grow and develop, perpetually expanding to amass more profits, smaller venues are actively being driven out of business. Their existence is seen as unnecessary and redundant with the existence of mega-corporations that are able to provide similar services, but I think that outlook is incorrect. The extinction of smaller businesses is critical to healthy competition, promotes activity and tourism in the area, and also establishes a unique culture of its territory. The eradication of small businesses actively harms the culture and history of any country. Having spent much time thinking about that, I think that I want to become a consultant in an effort to help exactly these types of people, to contribute to a bigger goal of promoting work diversity. By engaging with this field of work, I strive to live with purpose, to find meaning in helping others and seeing my efforts succeed. While I would struggle to call something as basic as consulting my “life calling”, it is, undoubtedly something I want to devote a big part of my life to.

The time spent studying in Grand View, in this regard, has helped me to better understand the requirements and aspects of my future vocation. I have learned how businesses are organized, evaluated, regulated and operated, allowing me to better understand what I need to keep in mind during the work process. I have also discovered the role of management as a type of work, how it can be used to increase efficiency and promote better work results. I think I will consider finding work in other business-related fields as well, as many of them seem to be rather engaging in a professional manner. To find peer support or connections to broaden my horizons, I plan on going on an extended trip to better understand the world around me. By actively interacting with other people and learning from them, I want to see new perspectives on their world, which, hopefully, will empower me to accomplish even more.

Education and Vocation

As a major in accounting, I’ve had an ability to more closely work within this profession and understand what I feel like are its more prominent features and aspects. I think that the advancement of automation and modern technology has been a welcome addition to this field, and its active use and implementation should be promoted more widely. The usage of new technology and fresh faces in accounting can be used to freshen up the business sphere, providing a more modern, ambitious perspective to the scene. I think that the professionals or the industry and big players on the market should be less conservative in the decision-making process, to take bolder opportunities for the sake of progress. Personally, I hope that I can use my skills as an accountant the same way I want to be a consultant, to help small businesses in their strides of continually surviving in this competitive environment.


In conclusion, I have managed to come to a better understanding of myself and my purpose as a person through learning. Business, while considered a rather uninteresting sphere in education, can be quite engaging and nuanced if one is willing to devote their time to it. I think that I have learned a variety of ways to better organize my work process, cooperate with others and accoplish goals set by myself or others. Through learning, I have found a path towards self-fulfillment, a way to become a valuable part of society while also staying true to my own desires. While engaging with the material of my courses, I have also discovered that I want to actively make a difference in my community, to benefit the people around me. Becoming a part of the business sphere in the form of providing consultation, I plan of sharing the knowledge and insight I have gained, as well as to actively learn from other people.


L., H. C. W., & Jones, G. R. (2012). Essentials of strategic management. South-Western/Cengage Learning.

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