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Family Centered Services: Client Strengths and Resilience

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This case was referred to Family Centered Services (FSC), FSC was asked to assist the mother in understanding the importance of setting boundaries and discipline her children. This case was assigned to this Student Intern for non-emergency services. The referral stated, “Client mother has a history of depression and is overwhelmed by her current situation.” The reason for referral states is confirmed neglect.

Intern meet the Target Child (TC) mother on August 31, 2014 to conduct a psychosocial assessment and to create a treatment plan. The home was a fairly furnished and maintained apartment. TC Mother and her partner are current tenants, along with the TC and TC half-brother. TC mother was holding the TC half-brother, he was wearing just a diaper; Intern observed that the child’s diaper appeared to be soaked. The TC half-brother appeared to be of normal size and weight. Intern asked mother of TC where about, TC mother stated, “TC was with her bio-father and would return later this afternoon”.

TC mother disclosed that she is currently unemployed. She shared that she is a food stamp recipient ($669/monthly) also she receives utility benefits. She reported her partner is working in lawn services making approximately $300/weekly. TC Mother reported all children appointment and immunizations are up to date.

TC mother reported having an 11-grade education. Mother expressed goals to obtain her GED. Mother disclosed that TC might have some undiagnosed developmental delay, although she met all major milestones on time.

TC mother disclosed having used counseling services in the past, when she was 17 years old. Mother stated that she has no recollection of what the counseling was for. Mother reported a history of depression; she was prescribed Ambien, Prozac, and Zoloft in the past. Mother reported currently been on Prozac.

It is necessary to note that the mother has quite significant resilience and strengths. In the first place, she seems to come to terms with herself in her attitude towards biological parents even though the relationships were quite difficult. TC mother feels she is unwanted as her parents have reunited after her biological father was in jail. More so, she does not get financial assistance from her mother any more. Clearly, TC mother feels bad about this situation but she is not trying to cope with everything on her own. She still has a strength to start the discussion with her mother about their relationships.

This is a sign of resilience and psychological strength as people who are ready to discuss things have the stamina to handle these issues. Maintenance of family relationships is of paramount importance for clients’ resilience. Therefore, it is very important that TC mother is ready to develop proper relationships with her mother. She will be able to ask for help with her children and achieve her aim concerning her GED.

More so, TC mother seems to think critically about relationships between her biological parents. This may be fruitful for her as she may compare her own relationships with her partner. This is another possibility to develop proper family ties. This is also the client’s strength as she does not neglect the problem but tries to see a solution.

Importantly, she also disclosed the history of adultery on behalf of her partner. She was first reluctant to share the story but then she felt better and revealed the story. It is clear that the woman is strong enough to bring back unpleasant memories. She is not focused on the fact of cheating, which is good since she chooses to move on. Acceptance of events that cannot be changed is central to clients’ resilience development. Therefore, TC mother has the strength to accept certain events and go on.

It is noteworthy that she has developed certain trust to her partner as her children were in her partner’s custody when she was hospitalized. This is another strength of the client as she is capable of forgiving and she is able to learn lessons. She does not focus on negative things but tries to develop her relationships with her partner concentrating on their feelings and trust. Of course, if the client feels trust her resilience is sufficient to move on.

TC mother disclosed some details of her hospitalization. She admitted she had an overdose but she stressed she did not have suicidal ideas any more. She emphasized that she loved her children and was ready to do everything for them. She understand that she needs to get her GED to be able to provide for her children. This is a sign of her resilience as the woman wants to develop and sees opportunities at her disposal. Notably, she does not simply dream of something good to happen. She does not rely on other people and thinks she should act to achieve something in her life. TC mother has a specific plan that is realistic and manageable.

TC mother’s major strength is the desire to live a proper life. She wants to get education and she wants a better life for her children. Admittedly, her apartment and appearance of her children suggests that she is not particularly good at household maintenance. Her remark on possible delay of her child also suggests that she is not a perfect mother as she could pay more attention to her children and address professionals for help. However, her desire to change is a very important strength she has.

The fact that she had certain treatment of depression also shows her resilience as she understood she had a problem and she was trying to overcome it. An important factor of resilience is acceptance of other people’s help. The woman was ready to take the necessary medication. She was also communicating with a social worker and she disclosed some unpleasant episodes from her life. All this shows her readiness to share and accept assistance.

It is still not clear whether the woman has adequate self-esteem. It has been acknowledged that self-confidence is essential for resilience development. The woman had low self-esteem as she wanted to commit suicide and she was sexually abused in her childhood. There are high chances that she is still less confident than she needs to be as she feels unwanted. However, it is necessary to work on this area and identify the degree of the client’s self-esteem as well as develop it if necessary.

In conclusion, it is possible to note that TC mother has quite significant level of resilience though she needs assistance. She needs guidance and support on behalf of her family as well as social workers. The young woman has certain plans but she may need help to be able to implement her plan. Her family will play an important role in her personal development and can become a good stimulus for TC mother.