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Money Issues in Romantic and Marital Relationships

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People get in and out of numerous relationships in their lifetime. Studies have established that people get into relationships for economic, cultural, religious, and social reasons, among others (Gebreyes, 2014). Studies have established that one of the main reasons that keep a relationship alive or breaking is money.

Money is not the main thing that brings people in a relationship together, but it can be the main cause of major differences between couples. Experts argue that the financial situation of an individual can influence their ability to have relationships and the success levels (Reamer, 2001). Some people, especially ladies are very considerate of the financial situation of a man before getting into a relationship. However, issues are likely if the financial situation of one partner changes. This challenge is very common in married people with families.

Expenses in a household keep increasing as a family grows and likely to cause issues (Gebreyes, 2014). Studies have established that most people in relationships do not make the most of their financial decisions together. This is a major cause of money issues in relationships because partners are likely to lose trust in each other and develop a feeling of inequality. Having the right attitude towards money plays a crucial role in helping couples to address money issues in their relationship (Gebreyes, 2014).

Causes of money problems in relationships

Studies have established that some of the main causes of money problems in relationships include changing roles in the household, increasing expenses, increased desire for success, financial infidelity, and lack of financial goals (Reamer, 2001). In the contemporary world, both men and women contribute equally to the economy of the household.

This has changed the household role of men from being the sole breadwinners (Gebreyes, 2014). Increasing expenses, especially for people with families is a major cause of financial issues in a relationship. This problem arises when the income of both partners remains constant while expenses in the house keep increasing (Reamer, 2001). A point comes when both partners cannot handle the financial burden and differences arise.

Increased desire for success can also lead partners to have differences. Experts argue that different definitions of success by partners often lead to differences. Achievements that one partner considers as success could mean something different to the other. Often this leads to one partner pushing the other to live beyond his or her financial ability in order to achieve their own success (Gebreyes, 2014).

Financial infidelity refers to a situation where partners hide crucial information, especially debts from each other. Studies have established that some of the debts that partners hide from each other relate to habits and addictions such as gambling. Others hide information about soured business deals and credit cards (Reamer, 2001).

Differences normally arise when the other partner finds out and gets hurt for lack of trust. Lack of common financial goals causes issues in relationships very often. Experts argue that most people in relationships do not plan for their money together. Most people, especially those in marriages operate individual bank accounts (Leong, 2013). This often leads to feelings of inequality, mistrust, and lack of togetherness. Such feelings often end up in numerous differences within a relationship (Reamer, 2001).

Solving money issues in relationships

One of the best ways of solving financial problems in relationships is partners pooling their resources together. Experts argue that money plays a crucial role in building a healthy relationship, thus the need for partners involved to be a team (Leong, 2013). This address issues of mistrust and inequality. Experts also advise couples to talk about money and the way to spend it on a regular basis. Studies have established that lack of adequate information about money in a relationship can make partners to have differences (Reamer, 2001).

Therefore, it is important for partners to budget their money together and also discuss ways to get more income. Sharing of responsibilities is also a good way of addressing financial issues in a relationship. Partners should ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute towards household finances (Leong, 2013). Setting financial priorities is also a good way of solving issues in a relationship. This includes identifying things to buy and the amount to save. This way, a couple can never struggle with their finances or have issues arising from the same (Reamer, 2001).


In the contemporary world, people face numerous challenges in building and maintaining relationships. Money issues are one of the challenges that people in relationships face. Unlike in the past where men were the sole breadwinners, women in modern relationships are also contributing in terms of meeting expenses in a household. This changing role of men and women in a relationship has resulted in a number of issues, most of which cause major differences. Experts argue that budgeting money together, having common goals, and pooling resources together are some of the strategies that people in relationships can use to avoid money issues.


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