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Fitbit Company’s Creative Marketing Strategy


In the case of Fitbit, an appropriate creative marketing strategy is imperative to achieving and maintaining a competitive position in the tech market. The present paper will discuss a campaign theme that can be applied to Fitbit and detail creative advertisements to be used in a broadcast advertisement, direct mail, and electronic media.

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Campaign Theme

Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers are both functional and stylish, which means that the campaign theme should emphasize these qualities. It is also essential to take into account Fitbit’s target customer characteristics. As defined in the previous assignments, Fitbit’s target customers are working professionals aged 25-40, with a medium income and a good level of education. People from this consumer group are often too busy to engage in regular exercise. Also, if they are working with other people or have an office job, they are concerned about their style and presentation. Given Fitbit products’ key characteristics, as well as the target customer profile, the suggested theme for the campaign is “Style on the Move”. This theme helps to connect physical activity with style offered by Fitbit products.

Traditional Media Ad 1: Broadcast Advertising (TV)

In developing the tagline for the TV ad, it is essential to focus on the campaign theme. Besides, according to Gaudet (2014), the company should address the key benefits of its products compared to its key competitors. Thus, the tagline for the TV advertisement should be “Your Life. Your Style. Your Move.” This tagline would address all of the key features found in Fitbit products while also appealing to the target audience. The first part of the tagline (“Your Life”) serves to assure the audience that Fitbit products can be personalized to suit any person’s lifestyle and goals. The second part of the tagline focuses on the style of the products, showing that they can be worn with any outfit. Lastly, “Your Move” is a powerful ending to the tagline due to the double meaning of the phrase. On the one hand, it addresses the notion of health and fitness and connects with the product’s function. On the other hand, it is motivating and inspiring, as it promotes a feeling of control over one’s life, thus leaving the audience with a favorable impression of the ad.

The TV advertisement should not be overloaded with text or explanations of product features. Instead, it should address the campaign theme, the tagline, and the target audience in a meaningful way. In particular, it should show short clips of various people from the target audience using different Fitbit products for different purposes during the day. For example, the advert could start with a female working professional waking up to check her sleep tracking data on a Fitbit smartwatch and turning on pleasant, upbeat music that would accompany the ad. Next, the commercial could switch to a male runner, using his Fitbit fitness tracker to see the number of calories burned. Then, the advertisement could show a parent with two or three children, accessing apps from his or her smartwatch while getting the children ready for school.

Other images shown in the ad could include: a working professional, quickly glancing at their smartwatch to see a pleasant text message while giving a presentation, a person in an afternoon yoga class, checking their fitness tracker to monitor heartbeat, a woman changing the band on her Fitbit watch before dressing up to go to a party, a family wearing Fitbit products while playing in the backyard, and more. The goal of the advertisement is to show the versatility of Fitbit products and portray how they can be used by people with various lifestyles. In the final scene of the ad, the music should fade slowly while the tagline “Your Life. Your Style. Your Move.” appears on the screen. The tagline should also be voiced over for emphasis.

Traditional Media Ad 1: Broadcast Advertising (TV)
Traditional Media Ad 1: Broadcast Advertising (TV)

Traditional Media Ad 2: Direct Mail

Direct mail is another traditional media that can be used to advertise Fitbit. However, based on the target customer profile, it would be best to use direct mail to deliver promotional offers to existing customers. This is suggested as working professionals who are not familiar with the company might throw direct mail advertisements like any other junk mail. The tagline for a direct mail ad offering a discount or a promo code should emphasize the existing customer’s positive experience with the product. For instance, an effective tagline would be “Like Your Life with Fitbit?” followed by a promotional offer, such as “Share it with a friend with a 30% discount”. This example could be used to invite customers to buy another Fitbit product as a gift to a friend, family member, or a loved one.

The advertisement itself should focus on the promotional offer delivered to the client. For instance, the discount should be highlighted with large, bold font for emphasis. The ad could also feature smaller promotional offers, such as “Recommend Fitbit to your friend for a 10% discount on future purchases”, free delivery, and similar suggestions. Also, a direct mail advertisement can be used to draw the customer’s attention to a new product. For example, it would be useful to place a new release announcement on the back of the flyer. The announcement should include product features, pre-order dates, and a promo-code for advance purchase. The design of the flyer should be consistent with the company’s theme. Using a muted background with some pictures of people using Fitbit products would be appropriate.

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Traditional Media Ad 2: Direct Mail
Traditional Media Ad 2: Direct Mail

Electronic Media

As noted in the previous assignments, placing advertisements with social media influencers would be a useful strategy for Fitbit. According to Khamis, Ang, and Welling (2016), social media influencers offer valuable opportunities for brands to reach their target audience. For electronic media advertisement, Fitbit should select famous fitness and lifestyle bloggers on Instagram, who would test a Fitbit product and share their positive experience with it. The tagline for this type of advertisements should be “Life Is Better with Fitbit”. The tagline should appear at the end of the influencer’s post and may be changed slightly to fit in with their writing style.

The most important thing about an Instagram post is the picture. The photo chosen for the post should be original and feature the Fitbit product advertised. The company should not offer any other guidelines for images, as it is critical that the photo reflects the influencer’s style and personality. This would increase the perceived trustworthiness of the ad while also highlighting the product’s versatility. The post itself should describe the features of the product that were the most useful to the influencer. For instance, if the chosen blogger enjoys swimming, the post should emphasize that Fitbit smartwatches are waterproof. If the blogger shares daily outfits, they should discuss how the product can be customized to suit any look using Fitbit accessories. A sincere, positive post that reflects the style of the influencer would be attractive to their followers, thus increasing the effectiveness of the ad.

Electronic Media
Electronic Media


Overall, using the proposed advertisements, Fitbit will be able to reach its target customers. All of the three media types can be used together, thus providing Fitbit with a comprehensive strategy. In the future, the company should also consider e-mail newsletters and direct social media advertisement for improved effectiveness.


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