Five Lessons From My First Semester

Relations with People Are Critical at Studying

The first thing that becomes obvious at the very first moment of studying at the college is that there are many new people who surround you and successful communication with them is the key to success. Teachers, peers, and new friends all have unique peculiarities that should be considered to create effective cooperation with them. Otherwise, you will fail to succeed because of the lack of support and knowledge all these individuals can share with you and critical for academic success.

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Support is Essential

During the first several weeks at college, a person may feel very lonely because of the unusual environment, homesickness, strangers surrounding him/her, the necessity to understand new material and facts that can be difficult for a person. Under these conditions, it is essential to find people and things that will support and inspire you. It can be both the family and college friends. In such a way, one of the main lessons is that a person should find new relations to survive in a challenging environment and engage in new activities.

Right Schedule Is One of the Main Aspects of a Good Learning

In my first semester, I also acquired an opportunity to understand the critical role schedule plays in studying. I think it is one of the main lessons of this period. A student should plan his/her classes in a way that will really promote his/her academic success and contribute to improved results. The lack of experience in the given sphere can be compensated by talking to other students who have already created their schedules previously. This approach will help to avoid problems such as the lack of free time, early wake-ups, and tiredness.

Professors Are Central Actors of the Learning Process

The fourth lesson is that students should not be afraid to speak to professors and ask for a piece of advice. During the first semester, the discovery that individuals can engage in communication with teachers becomes one of the most important ones. First of all, they demonstrate their respect to you and treat students as if they are peers. It helps to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. At the same time, as more experienced people they can provide meaningful advice on assignments, and future careers.

Honesty, Borders, and Being Direct Are Fundamental in Relations with People

The last important thing I understood is that in relation to people it is critical to observe several rules. First, a person should establish borders at the very beginning for all individuals know how to behave and interact with each other. At the same time, being honest and direct can help to avoid extra problems and achieve the goal in a most effective way, without offending people. For this reason, these three qualities are critical for a new student.


The main goal for the next semester is to start working on my would-be career. It means that I should devote more attention to the investigation of areas that would be helpful for me in the future. At the same time, it is critical to master skills that will be demanded from me as a specialist. For this reason, the main goal is to have an internship and continue mastering my skills and knowledge to become an outstanding specialist and attain success.

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