Child Abandonment and Interventions


Child abandonment is a voluntary action done by parents, where a child is deserted and left behind. Some parents abandon their children by ensuring that they will be taken care of, but others leave children without any assurance. The primary concern is to identify what are the reasons for such behavior and how these actions can be prevented with minimum effort and investment.

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Literature Review

The modern literature on the given issue shows that the major factors reinforcing child abandonment behavior among parents are financial and sociocultural components (Manful & Abdullah, 2018). Poverty and the inability to provide a child with food, shelter, and adequate education force parents to decide to leave a child behind.


In order to identify the primary reasons for child abandonment, it is critical to consider the fact that appropriate measurement tactics must be set in place. These are surveys and publicly available statistical data evaluations. In addition, parents who abandoned their children can be interviewed.


The key participants are parents who already abandoned their children or who are planning to do so. In addition, it is essential to consider the observational data from orphanage workers and administrators, who monitor the overall occurrence rate.

Procedure and Measures

The procedure will include a general survey, which will be designed to identify the main influencing factors. The given process will assist the researchers in navigating the direction of the study.

Data Analysis

The data analysis process will primarily focus on weighing out the raw statistical data into plausible causal and correlational graphs and diagrams. ANOVA test will also be used in order to make correct estimations of possible hypotheses.

Ethical Issues

The major concern regarding the ethical side of the study is the fact that the most important participants will be the parents who abandoned their child. The given occurrence is clearly traumatic and emotional for them, and interviewing and surveying the parents on the given subject might not be fully ethical. However, it can be avoided by properly constructing the questions and the overall flow of the process.

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In conclusion, it is crucial to note that child abandonment is a highly controversial issue that needs to be addressed. By identifying the primary reasons for such behavior, effective measures can be taken in order to fully eliminate the overall occurrence rate.


Manful, E., & Abdullah, A. (2018). Conceptualisation of child neglect: A Ghanaian practice narrative. International Social Work, 3(1), 2-9.

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