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FlipHarp Company’s Conflict Resolution

Conflicts within organizations are inevitable due to interdependent parties pursuing dissimilar goals and objectives using scarce resources. Even though skirmishes cannot be avoided, the approaches to resolve conflicts determine how well individuals and companies accomplish the desired goals (Shetach, 2012). The conflict I witnessed at FlipHarp Company involved team members who had different working styles. Some employees wanted external direction and input in everything they did, while others needed no support from their leader. As a result, misunderstandings regarding the approach to complete the task erupted among the members.

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Emotions, relationships, and communication factors had a significant impact on the conflict’s outcome. According to Beitler, Scherer and Zapf (2018), different emotions such as anxiety, fear, and anger cause conflict. Although there was anxiety and fear among the team members, they respectfully and calmly expressed their concern. Marineau, Hood, and Labianca indicate that conflicts occur only where there are interdependent relationships such as coworkers (2017).

Wang and Wu (2020) add that the conflicting parties’ relationships have considerable influence on approaches to conflict resolution. Despite the differences among the team members, they were tolerant of one another which made them reach an optimal solution. Effective communication is instrumental in managing any conflict in workplaces (Spaho, 2013). The conflicting parties used transactional communication, facilitating mutual respect and understanding. The team lead adopted the collaborating conflict management style to ensure a win-win outcome for the parties.

What I learned from the conflict is that skirmishes can occur even where individuals are expected to work as a team. Additionally, personal preferences such as work style among team members can cause conflict, constraining individual and team productivity. Further, collaborating style of managing conflicts is the best approach that leaders can use since neither involved parties feel that they have lost. The experience will change the way I will approach future conflicts since it showed the importance of embracing mutual respect and understanding even when there are considerable differences.


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