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Food Voice of the Bangladeshi

Similar to the rest of the world, history, traditions, and geography determine the eating habit of the people of Bangladesh. The country used to be an outpost of the Mughal Empire centuries ago, and it still owes a large portion of its traditions to this cultural heritage. As in many other Asian regions, rice forms the core of the Bangladeshi eating patterns. It is consumed in large quantities across the country, being the base for many traditional dishes. The popularity of rice is justified by the country’s climate, as the conditions are favorable for its growth. On the other hand, despite its undoubted popularity, rice is not the only product consumed regularly by Bangladeshis. Meat forms another area of nutrition preferences for the people of Bangladesh. Nevertheless, it can be somewhat expensive, which is why poorer social groups from rural areas rarely eat it apart from major holidays, opting for fish instead.

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Generally, the consumer habits of Bangladeshi have been heavily influenced by Islam. Ashraf writes that the entire sphere of food marketing in contemporary Bangladesh is based on the factors of trustworthiness, attitude, normative structure, and self-efficacy (893). As the influence of religion remains important in society, people prefer Halal food, which meets the aforementioned criteria. The power of traditions is, in fact, quite strong in the Bangladeshi communities. Recipes of herbal remedies are passed from one generation to another in most families, who use them to treat an array of minor conditions. When departing to other locations across the globe, the Bangladeshi tend to retain their culture, which includes eating habits. Accordingly, despite the exact origins of these habits, they are deeply engraved in the cultural code of the Bangladeshi people.

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