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Forms of Sex Abuse and Its Causes


Any action leading to sexual contact without the consent of one partner can be referred to as sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is therefore any act of non-consensual sexual intercourse. In the recent past, this kind of harassment has been more often reported than it was a few years ago. The incidents of young girls and boys being subjected to sexual contacts unwillingly has gained root with the current generation. Contrary to the belief that sexual harassment is predominantly experienced by the female gender, it has emerged that the male gender especially young boys are in as much risk as their counterparts of the opposite sex. This study will seek to identify the different forms of sex abuse, its causes, and the dangers involved and possible ways to prevent and avoid it.

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Factors influencing sexual abuse

Young people are the most prone to sexual harassment from the elder people who take advantage of their innocence and curiosity to lure them into having sexual contact. However, being under the influence of drugs is the most common factor facilitating sexual acts against one’s will. Drunken individuals are more prone to sexual violence since while under the influence of drugs one lacks control over his or her body. Young women are at a high risk of being raped than the older women are hence age is a factor contributing to this inhuman act against fellow men. Forced sexual relations are more experienced by educated women compared to the non-educated ones. Empowered women are so busy with their carriers forgetting their conjugal responsibilities and as a result, they are at a high risk of experiencing sexual violence compared to the less empowered women (Conte and schueman).

Effects of sexual abuse

Sexual harassment comes along with some adverse effects on its victims. Apart from contracting sexually transmitted diseases, victims of sexual violence suffer from other complications. Sexual harassment causes social instabilities like lack of trust in other people and low self esteem. Psychologically, sexual abuses cause fear, anger and sudden shock response to touch (Personality 100.Com). It may also lead to drug addiction in an attempt to try to forget the dreadful ordeal. In addition, sexually abused persons often experience eating disorders. These effects affect the victims so much and may cause a permanent harm on them. The main reason why I feel about sexual abuse is because of the adverse long-term effects that a victim is exposed to due to an offender’s selfish ambitions. One is unwillingly but helplessly forced to undergo traumatizing experiences.

Ways to prevent sexual abuse

Vigilance is the most effective of taking precautionary measures to ensure kids and the vulnerable are protected from sexual offenders (Safekids.Org). Children going to school should avoid dark and hidden places as well as following strangers. Young women should be careful about going out for parties and dinners as well as visiting friends of the opposite sex. Parents must keep an eye on every activity a child is involved in and ensure their safety at all times. Young people must keep from destructive materials such as pornographic materials and drugs as these are the tools used to lure them into compromising situations. The government on the other hand has a role to play in including sex education in the syllabus and provide information to student on the dangers involved in such activities (Safekids.Org). Young people must be taught on how to conduct themselves when faced by sexual circumstances and preventive and defensive measures to protect themselves from sexual violence.

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