Global Business Activities, Concepts and Processes

The screening process in selecting a foreign market

The priority order of steps is essential for the screening process because it enables a company to identify possible problems or challenges at the early stages. Moreover, it allows an organization to reduce the expenses associated with the screening process. It should be noted that companies often choose to participate in trade shows and trade missions. In this way, entrepreneurs try to establish contacts with potential business partners or investors. Furthermore, it is essential to speak about the use of cluster analysis. This tool is useful for understanding the segmentation of the market. This approach helps identify the central attitudes of clients and purchasing habits. Apart from that, it is vital to speak about the ethnic and regional subcultures because, in some cases, they influence the buying behavior of a person. For instance, one can mention that food preferences are often culturally-determined. In turn, this information is essential for attracting potential customers.

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Concepts in international business activities

Free trade zones are those areas in which governmental interventions in economic activities are reduced to the minimum. As a rule, in these zones, trade barriers can be removed almost completely. To a great extent, the existence of such areas can contribute to the intensification of economic activities. Additionally, one can speak about countertrade, which can be described as paying for goods or services by providing other goods or services. This policy can be adopted in those cases when countries do not have hard currency. In turn, managers working in international companies may need mentors in both host and home countries because they should consider various factors that influence the performance of an organization.

In particular, they need to know about the impact of local factors such as culture, political environment, or competition. However, at the same time, they should fully understand the goals set by senior management. Finally, while working in an international company, a manager should consider such factors as the quality and quantity of the labor force in the country. This information is essential for determining whether a business can produce goods or deliver services in the country. For instance, technological companies need to assess the quality of workers before starting operations in a country. In this way, they can avoid many problems.

Influences on the perception of global business activity

There are several ideas that significantly changed my perception of global businesses. For instance, one should mention that in some cases, different divisions of international companies can enter into conflicts with one another. Sometimes, the policies of these departments may not be consistent with one another, and this is one of the pitfalls that should be avoided. In many cases, this problem can lead to significant losses for a corporation. This idea is essential because it indicates that senior executives of such organizations should make sure that the strategies of international businesses are compatible with each other. This is one of the aspects that can be identified. Apart from that, it is essential to speak about the impact of culture on the marketing strategies of businesses. In particular, culture can shape the interactions between companies and clients. This idea is essential because it shows that the purchasing decisions of customers are not affected only by the prices and quality of products or services. In many cases, buyers want products and services to correspond to their values, attitudes, or beliefs. These are the main details that can be singled out.

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