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Google’s Business and Marketing Strategy


Significant advancements in information technology and communication (ICT) have introduced substantial transformations in the current business world. The corporate sphere in the United States has experienced tremendous growth due to the rapid development of pertinent technologies. Google Inc. is one of the premier and most reputable innovative companies in the U.S. and globally (Wei 162). The company develops hi-tech products and services, which aim to enhance various activities’ efficiency. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of Google’s marketing concept, the external environment’s impact on the organization, and the enterprise’s strategies with regard to the integration of AI (artificial intelligence) into its services.

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Marketing Concept for Product Development at Google Inc.

Google integrates the concept of marketing into its service and product development procedures to ensure the manufacturing of commodities that appeal to consumers. For instance, Google’s products are designed and developed according to the highest available standards to meet the quality demands in the marketplace. Some flagship Google products which demonstrate the company’s unwavering focus on the production of standard commodities include Google Books and Google Maps.

The firm also manufactures products and services which guarantee their usability. Google Scholar is an example of the a product which has been optimized and configured to improve the ease of finding scholarly literature. According to Wei, the above-mentioned database offers a simple approach to broadly or comprehensively search for literary works (166). Additionally, it allows one to navigate across multiple sources and disciplines, including online repositories, theses, articles, court opinions, abstracts, books, professional societies, and court opinions. This approach helps boost customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty.

Google also integrates the element of accessibility, a crucial marketing concept, into its production process to ensure that its services and commodities are readily available to its consumers. For instance, the company’s web-based service Google Chrome, is reliable and consistent, and according to Wei, it is readily accessible to both Android and Windows users (164). Wei identifies it as a secure internet service provider with features such as Google Safe Browsing, which helps safeguard its users by displaying warnings following their attempt to download and navigate harmful files and sites, respectively (164). The enterprise’s consumers always enjoy fair pricing on Google products, whereas some are accessed for free.

The Effects of the External Environment on Google

The modern-day international relations enhance an extensive range of free trade treaties which present substantial opportunities for Google Inc. For instance, according to Wei, these agreements enhance the exportation of the firm’s products, including Pixel smartphones (164). Stable political conditions facilitate the growth of technology-related marketplaces globally. Such situation represents an external factor which fosters the conducive nature of the business macro-environment for Google. Contrarily, state-owned or state-sponsored online enterprises in individual nations are an external legal aspect which poses a significant competitive threat for Google Inc. The company can focus on developing its offline and online operations based on marketplaces’ political stability and FTA (Free Trade Agreements) to expand its global market presence.

The rapid development of third-world nations and the stability of major markets are also crucial aspects of the external environment which present substantial growth possibilities for Google. The significant decreases in renewable energy costs also act as an essential opportunity for the organization to reinforce its energy supply. Google Inc. can broaden its renewable energy projects to facilitate operational stability (Wei 162).

The prevalence of social media use serves as an opportunity and a threat. The presence of platforms such as Facebook which compete with Google, particularly in digital advertising, can be considered a crucial risk. On the contrary, the criticism associated with the use of personal data among online companies may serve as a significant threat for Google Inc. the company could implement significant innovations in its YouTube operations to expand its consumer base, especially in the social media era.

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The growing Internet access in third-world nations, rapid mobile and computer devices’ adoption within the global marketplace, and the increased utilization of cloud services present crucial opportunities for Google. The company can leverage the advantages presented by the above-mentioned aspects to improve its business operations and presence, as well as its consumer base. Finally, the increasing interest in sustainable business operations among suppliers and the support for environmental conservation also act as important possibilities for Google. The organization’s renewable energy renders its services and products satisfactory, particularly in reference to consumers an suppliers’ inclination for greener technologies.

The Use of AI at Google

Essentially, Google Inc. has a compelling strategic plan aimed at integrating AI within the framework of its product development and business approach. The company established a strategic department known as Google AI to guide its development of innovative products and services exploited by customers who subscribe to Google’s product outlay. Besides, Google AI supports the execution of operations within the organization to enhance efficiency and productivity.

With this innovation, Google envisions to develop high-tech products based on AI. For instance, the enterprise intends to introduce TensorFlow, an android-based AI, in its products and services (“How Google Aims to Dominate Artificial Intelligence’’). Other AI inventions by the company include Cloud AI by Google, which supports machine learning, and Cloud Auto-ML, which facilitates machine learning. These innovations will be instrumental in increasing the company’s competitive advantage and profitability.


In conclusion, one of the strategic marketing concepts for Google is the intense focus on quality, whereby its products are designed and developed to meet the highest conceivable standards. The usability of its services and commodities helps boost customer satisfaction, thus being a crucial factor in enhancing brand loyalty. Google Inc. has a compelling and strategic plan aimed at integrating AI within the framework of its product development and business strategy.

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