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Greek Culture and It’s Influence on the Modern West


The history of Greece may begin with its geographical and climatic conditions that established the social and cultural norms of the people; it is also the major factor in defining the traditions and the mentality of the Greeks. The age of the Greek culture was marked by enormous achievements in the field of science and education. Perhaps the most remarkable achievement is the development of the philosophical mind that greatly influences the mentality and culture of other countries. Moreover, it continues to influence the Modern West, due to the rich heritage left by the Greece colonies, the emergence of Hellenistic civilizations and the world conquers of Alexander the Great. The Greek culture is also known for its mythical narrations where people glorify the ancient Gods, perfect creatures empowered with human emotions and supernatural powers. The philosophy of the Classical Age is widely applied as the theoretical ground for the Western modern scientists who pursue the major tendencies in terms of their outlooks on religion, culture, and political system. Greece was the first civilization that introduced the world to such notions as politics, science, and government.

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Spreading of Greek Culture

The Greek colonists initiated the penetration of the Greek culture in the eighth century BC and as a result, Magna Graecia appeared. Due to numerous reasons and demographic overcrowding, there emerged a great necessity for expansion. Hence, the Greek capture of the Southern areas of Italy left a considerable imprint on the culture of the Roman Empire and its further prosperity, which later gave rise to the world recognition of the Greek culture (Pomeroy 124).

A great contribution to the spread of Greek culture was made by Alexander the Great whose invasion simplified the penetration of the Greek culture and traditions. He was one of the greatest conquerors who managed to create the powerful image of the Empire. The penetration of the Greek colonists and culture initiated by Alexander promoted the rapid emergence of the Hellenistic culture and created the solid ground for further development of the Byzantine Empire in the middle of the fifteenth century. Nowadays, the military tactics used by the great warrior are borrowed by many academies all over the world, as well as in the United States (Pomeroy 414).

Rise if the Greek Culture

The rise of the Greek culture is marked by the Hellenistic Age, which is also known as the Age of Greek. During this period, there appeared the first colonies that opened new opportunities for the development and improvement of the country. The emergence of political institutions and Greek polis became the first models of political organization that gained world recognition. According to this model, the cities began the construction of temples and theaters, which contributed to the enrichment of the Greek heritance. The growing prosperity of the cities greatly fostered international trade that was also crucial for the further proliferation of Greek culture all over the world and the Western world in particular. Hellenistic Age later influenced the rise of Federalism in America in the eighteenth century thus borrowing the political tendencies of Greece in the fourth century BC (Pomeroy 446). Arising from this, the Greek political outlook served as the basis of the western political system that further influence the structure of the modern political and social stratification of Western society.


In conclusion, it should be mentioned that Greece has the richest history and culture, as it was the founder of poetry and philosophy, drama, and art. Profound works of the Greeks philosopher on politics gave further development of modern western society and political system. Finally, the Western world borrowed many traditional approaches to education.

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