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Hardees Restaurant’ Commercial Marketing

Companies use critical and creative advertisements to influence the perception of the targeted clients through consistency in appeal to emotion, credibility, and logic. Primarily, the Hardees Restaurant has creatively used the element of sex appeal to advertising its Buffalo blue cheese burger through a renowned celebrity. Through the use of the television medium, the restaurant can pass the information in the commercial. The Hardees Restaurant’s ad, with Katherine Webb eating the blue cheeseburger, widely appeals to the targeted audience. It uses logic, credibility, and emotion to appeal to customers.

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The ingredients of the Buffalo blue cheese burger promise different nutrients besides the fact that the fast food product is made by experts with the highest standards of hygiene. Also, the product has been approved safe for consumption by different health and customer care agencies. This advertisement suggests that the target group is easily swayed by what they see and follow recommendations from famous persons. The use of glittering celebrities such as Katherine Webb aims at influencing the involuntary urge in mind to identify with the burger advertisement since an average mind would easily be influenced by a personality, perceived to be perfect. This advertisement succeeds in curing the minds of the male population to easily associate the sexy image to the taste of the burger product.

The Buffalo blue burger product has been in the market for more than two decades, and the targeted clients already have full knowledge of its content and taste. Most of the targeted customers know the name and social status of the celebrity who appears in the burger commercial and would not be hesitant to buy the blue cheeseburger. The advertisement commercial shows a slim and youthful lady associated with the modern healthy lifestyle. The advertisement has utilized the youthful image of the famous model to build social and sports values that associate the product sexiness. This commercial is likely to succeed since everyone would wish to associate with perfection.

The main reason for using television as the advertising medium is to capture a vast range of audiences since the majority of the homesteads in the US own televisions. Hence, using television to advertise the Buffalo blue cheese product allows the restaurant to reach a wider consumer base since television conveys messages in both audio and visual form. The commercial is created in a sports facility with the loud ‘joie de vivre’ from the stadium suggesting that there is a match in progress.

As a result, the Hardees Restaurant will increase its sales in the sports events market segment as more customers will embrace the idea of enjoying a blue cheese burger during sports events besides the fact the size of the Buffalo blue cheese burger is relatively bigger than most the other brands of the burger. This is well communicated in the commercial ad since Webb has to stretch her fingers to hold the burger.

This advertisement directly appeals to emotion, logic, and credibility. Through the use of the television medium, the restaurant can pass the information even to illiterate consumers. The endorsement from a renowned female celebrity appeals to male customers. The excessive focus on body appearance is expected to contribute to the high purchase of the blue cheese burger product. Thus, any average mind in the target market will be easily influenced by the attractive presentation of the Buffalo blue cheese product.

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