Organizational Culture: Key Concepts and Best Practices

Observables artifacts, espoused values, and basic assumptions for the firms

General electric is a company that is focused on the management of time. Time management is applied at different levels starting with an individual employee who should be at the right place at the right time. Through the management of time, the four critical areas of the personal organization, including confidence, clarity, comfort, and cohesion, are realized (Kinick and Fugate 89). However, an individual organization cannot be achieved without adequate planning daily.

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Southwest Airlines insists on coaching, as the most important skill because it has various benefits, such as improving employee retention, enhancement of accountability performance, succession planning, truth-telling, reinforcement of culture, and reduction of employee conflict. Many employees are always in search of organizations that will give them something extra apart from paying them lucratively. This means coaching is a special form of reward system that serves a great purpose of preventing high employee turnover. Coaching benefits the organization, as well as employees in different ways. To the member of staff, coaching results in breakthroughs, as far as personal problems are concerned.

Facebook is constantly engaged in change in terms of operations and application of techniques, as well as tools. The changes take place in three phases, including endings, neutral zone, and beginnings. In each phase, special techniques are applied to reduce the chances of resistance. The main role of the manager should be to keep workers focused on the expected goals and objectives of the organization. In the ending phase, the management has to appreciate the fact that employees will lose something as the changes are brought in and if possible, they should be compensated.

Wal-Mart encourages information circulation, which should be availed to workers regarding the new changes. Even though special techniques are applied in implementing change, resistance will always surface. Therefore, workers should know what to expect, identify various types of resistance, and develop strategies to reduce resistance. Workers might be objected to change because they were not involved in planning it, or they do not understand the benefits of such a change.

Firms’ histories impacts on the culture

General electric enjoys a robust history whereby it is known for producing high-quality products in the market at a fair price. The company has been able to beat competitors, as well as to overcome various challenges to be where it is now. It has a good history in terms of retaining employees, and the management is always appreciated for facilitating the best leadership style. The working conditions for employees are improved because the manufacturing process is done safely meaning no life is threatened.

On the other hand, Facebook is committed to hiring the best individuals for each job. The most experienced and talented individuals are well compensated to retain them for long. This has kept the company on par with competitors. Southwest airline is the best performing company in the industry. Its mission reflects the long history of the company for working with other stakeholders to improve customer experience. Unlike other companies, it has a special program that allows members of the community to benefit from its proceeds. For instance, it works with the community in ensuring waste products are disposed of appropriately. Wal-Mart is the best performing supermarket chain in the North-American market, and this is attributable to the organizational culture that is focused on customer satisfaction through the hiring of the most talented and experienced workers.

Organizations’ cultures classification

The organizational culture employed at Electric General is hierarchical because the aim is to facilitate efficiency, real-time production, and smooth functioning. To achieve the major aims and objectives, the processes employed are capable in the sense that subordination and supervision are applied maximally whereby the junior workers must take orders from their seniors. Any policy made at the company has to be consistent with the organizational regulations and set laws. Again, manufacturing is always controlled, meaning each worker has to meet and exceed the targets. Therefore, the major principle or rule applied in the company is control.

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The culture applied at Facebook is referred to as a clan, whereby collaboration is a valued asset. The focus is always to boost the morale of workers, develop human resources, and ensure each worker is committed to customer satisfaction. In this case, the managers are required to embrace cohesion, participative communication, and empowerment of the junior staff. Southwest airlines face several challenges in the market just as any other company offering travel services. Based on this, the focus is on the introduction of modern technologies, growth-with the aim of enjoying economies of scale, and the development of cutting-edge output. The type of organizational culture is referred to as adhocracy. There should be a means to achieve this, and adaptability, creativity, and agility are some of the concepts that could be applied successfully. Wal-Mart applies an organizational culture focused on winning the market competition. The means of achieving this is improving customer service, enhancing productivity, and developing strategies to deal with competition. The culture employed results in high market shares, profitability, and goal achievement.

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