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Healing Hospital as a Daring Paradigm


As stated by Chaplain Fowler (2014), healing hospitals have been some of the most convenient health facilities filled with a myriad of great health benefits to both the patients and the health practitioners in the military (Fowler, 2014, p. 11). This particular paradigm that involves the use of spiritual healing to help patients has proved to be the best alternative for major medical puzzles. As a result of the unrelenting prevalence of diseases with no specific medical diagnosis, healing hospitals have become blessings in disguise for many patients. Indeed, the aspect of spirituality has become one of the major driving forces in many healing hospitals.

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Ideally, caregiving has changed from health care-based to spiritual aspects in healing hospitals. In fact, hospitals have always been places where people undergo painful diagnostics and treatments, spiritual healing has emerged as one of the most intrinsic pain relievers and curative procedures that do not involve medication. Spiritual healing is an aspect that has been in existence from the Biblical era. According to Fowler (2014), using clergymen to help soldiers in the battlefield has greatly helped in fighting trauma that comes because of various activities that take place in wars across the world (Fowler, 2014, p. 12).

Components of healing hospitals and their relationship to spiritually

As Chapman (2011) states in Radical Loving Care the whole aspect of healing hospitals is not only built on prudent spiritual guidelines but also on cultural beliefs of various individuals. There are three key components that need to be discussed in relation to healing hospitals. The first component in relation to healing hospitals is healing physical environment. Notably, the physical environment possesses an exclusive significance to the entire spiritual healing and helps in defining the entire healing process (Chapman, 2011, p 26).

Based on the physical environment, it has been possible for most spiritual healers to create an environment that is caring, loving and compassionate. The environment also needs to be aesthetically pleasing so as to help in reducing stress among the patients and their close relatives. In handling human beings, it is essential to understand that the physical human body is not the main element to consider. Indeed, human spirituality is another important element that a healer needs to make sure is incorporated in the healing environment (Chapman, 2011, p. 29).

A number of diseases in the current medical environment are directly related to human stress and feeling. From the patients to their close family members, creating a physical environment that is highly conducive is a major step towards achieving spiritual healing (Chapman, 2011, p. 33).

The second component that has greatly affected hospital healing is a combination of work design in the spiritual aspect and technology. Admittedly, integrating various components of hospital healing such as work design and technology can create a great understanding of the major elements that come up with spirituality. Combining various elements in the form of golden framework would greatly help in achieving extensive caregiving and understanding of various needs of patients.

In order to understand the integration of various healing frameworks, it is important to comprehend the key relationship between spiritual healing and the entire aspect of medical therapies. Moreover, using various medical procedures such as aromatherapy, massage and music therapy can form the best integration in attaining spiritual healing. In healing hospitals, several natural aromas are used to create a more conducive environment so as to help the patients feel the effect of such aromas in increasing the chances of being cured (Cozolino, 2010, p. 10).

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Another major component that needs to be verified in creating a healing hospital is the culture of Radical Loving and Caring situation. In order to promote the main elements associated with hospital healing, it is of great significance to fathom the emotions patients. Besides, the patient should explain some of the major prerequisites that would help increase the chances of eventually getting healed.

Challenges of creating a healing environment

Before creating a healing environment, the practitioners should ensure challenges are minimized. First, there are a number of cultural values that need to be analyzed. Specifically, the environment should be designed in a way that it is universally acceptable by patients of distinct cultural orientations. For instance, it is crucial for the spiritual healers to include incantations and chanting that do not provoke the patient in any way that is not pleasant (Chapman, 2011, p. 36).

Another challenge that has reduced the effectiveness of creating a healing environment is noise. In most hospitals, there is always congestion of patients that creates some sort of disruption and ineffectiveness in healing processes. Conversely, a healing environment should create a peaceful mind that will in turn help in enabling harmony and quietness in the mind of the patients. According to Cozolino (2010), neuroscience has proven that a peaceful brain is one of the major drivers towards healing. In creating a healing environment, understanding the psychological needs of patients is an essential element that needs to be considered before any measures are taken to help the patient emotionally (Cozolino, 2010, p. 9).

Biblical passage that supports the concept of a healing hospital

In understanding the main elements of healing hospitals, it is paramount to draw reference on the biblical passages that put emphasis on healing hospitals. According to John chapter 9, (verses 1-7), there is an occurrence where Jesus heals a blind man. In the story, as Jesus moved across Jerusalem, he saw a man who was initially born blind not because of anyone’s fault, but in order to display the great works of God. In the incident, Jesus spit on the ground and used the saliva to make some mud of clay. Consequently, Jesus put the mud on both eyes of the blind man and commanded him to go wash off the mud in the Pool of Siloam. As instructed, the blind man went and washed his eyes and came back seeing. He had been healed.

In the story, it is evident that the blind man is a symbol of humanity and Jesus represents the light through which the blind can be able to see. Evidently, Jesus represents an illumination that has been sent by God to heal the world. The incident where Jesus restores the sight of the man who was born blind is a sign that healing can take place as a result of spiritual beliefs in God’s ability to heal the sick (John, 9:1-7). From my view, this event presents the best evidence of spiritual healing.

In spiritual healing, faith is one of the most important aspects that the sick are expected to possess. The blind man had faith in God’s power and obeyed the instructions that Jesus gave him on where to wash his eyes and how to wash them. My spirituality is confirmed from such acts in the Bible and other religious teachings on healing. It is worth noting that Jesus’ ability to heal the blind man has greatly sharpened my understanding of the entire aspect of healing and spiritual beliefs. From the incident, it is clear that spiritual healing also works on patients.


In conclusion, the healing hospital has been seen as one of the most daring paradigms that can greatly help in caregiving and provision of emotional support to patients. From the components of the healing environment to the biblical passage that examines the relationship between healing hospitals and spirituality, my philosophy of caregiving has been greatly affected. As a staunch Christian, I believe that healing is a major aspect that should be used to help solve the current medical problems across the globe.

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