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The Concept of Healing Hospital Paradigm

Components of the Healing Hospital Paradigm

The Healing Hospital Paradigm is a holistic approach aimed at providing effective medical support and care to different patients. This paradigm focuses “on the needs of the whole person” (Ashcraft, Anthony, & Mancuso, 2010, p. 1). This notion explains why “physicians should consider the body, mind, soul, and spirit whenever providing evidence-based medical care to their patients” (Dilani, 2013, p. 19). The Healing Hospital Paradigm is a powerful concept that addresses the cognitive, emotional, and spiritual needs of different patients. According to this paradigm, every healing process should focus on the best outcomes.

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This paradigm encourages nurses to use evidence-based approaches. Nurses should “work hard in order to restore a person’s health, emotion, and spirit” (Dilani, 2013, p. 16). Caregivers should promote the best working conditions in order to produce the best health outcomes. This practice will make sure every healing process is successful. According to Dilani (2013), the Healing Hospital Paradigm promotes three unique components. These components include “a healing workplace environment, the use of modern workplace designs, and a culture of loving care” (Dilani, 2013, p. 16).

The Healing Hospital Paradigm has a close relationship with spirituality. Healthcare providers can use this paradigm to analyze the spiritual and emotional aspects of their patients. According to Dilani (2013, p. 21), “human beings should retain their dimensions even after becoming sick”. That being the case, every nursing practice should focus on the spiritual needs of different patients. This practice “will result in total loving care” (Ashcraft et al., 2010, p. 2).

Healthcare providers should also embrace the concept of humanity. Caregivers should work hard in order to produce an “equilibrium”. This “equilibrium makes it easier for nurses to integrate the spiritual, physician, mental, psychological aspects of the patient” (Ashcraft et al., 2010, p. 2). This paradigm encourages nurses to improve the level of patient satisfaction. The components of a Healing Hospital can create a new culture that supports the diverse expectations of different patients. This evidence-based approach also fulfills the diverse beliefs and values of every patient.

Challenges of Creating a Healing Environment

Every healing environment encounters various opportunities and challenges. Nurses and caregivers should focus on the best ideas in order to empower their patients. Some obstacles make it impossible for many health practitioners to create a powerful healing environment. The first challenge arises “from the use of modern technologies” (Ashcraft et al., 2010, p. 2).

Many companies and pharmaceuticals are currently producing different drugs for commercial purposes. The continued use of modern technologies has reduced the number of caregivers in many hospitals (Dilani, 2013). Many individuals purchase different drugs without seeing their physicians. This malpractice has made it impossible for many caregivers to have the best healing environments.

Healthcare “has also become a business practice” (Chapman, 2007, p. 47). Many healthcare institutions are no longer promoting the best health practices. This trend explains why a large number of medical institutions have become less effective. Many citizens are unable to get the best medical attention.

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Many caregivers are mainly “focusing on their careers instead of providing the best patient support” (Dilani, 2013, p. 18). The issue of bureaucracy is evident in many nursing environments. Some Nursing Managers (NMs) and leaders do not empower their clients. Some organizational protocols make it impossible for different hospitals to offer evidence-based support to their patients.

This form of bureaucracy discourages caregivers from fulfilling the spiritual needs of their patients. Such bureaucracies make it impossible for parents and relatives to have enough time with their patients. This malpractice affects the effectiveness of many nursing institutions.

According to Dilani (2013, p. 18), “cynicism is a critical barrier to effective medical practice”. Many caregivers do not analyze the spiritual strengths of their patients. This fact explains why a person with a broken leg “might not be treated as a patient” (Chapman, 2007, p. 76). This kind of belief has made it impossible for many patients to achieve the best healthcare outcomes.

Poor leadership practices are also common in different healthcare institutions. Such malpractices make it impossible for many caregivers to have appropriate working environments (Chapman, 2007). The complexities and bureaucracies experienced in different hospitals affect the quality of patient care.

A Biblical Passage that Supports the Concept of a Healing Hospital

The Holy Bible offers useful teachings that encourage more people to support the poor. The above concept focuses on the best practices that can produce the best health outcomes. To begin with, nurses and caregivers must ensure every working environment is friendly. Medical professionals should improve the working conditions of their employees.

This strategy will ensure every patient gets the best medical support. The Holy Bible offers powerful passages that can make the Healing Hospital Paradigm complete. For example, the book of Luke states that “the Spirit of God is upon me, and he has anointed me to proclaim the good news to the poor” (Luke 4:18). This verse encourages more believers to support every sick person. God also wants every oppressed person to find happiness.

The above passage encourages every healthcare provider to address the needs of his or her patients. Believers and caregivers should bring happiness to every sick person. Nurses should also use this knowledge to promote the best working conditions. The practice will also address the emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues affecting every patient.

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This practice will produce the best health outcomes. Medical practitioners should “use the best ideas in order to bring hope to those who in need” (Chapman, 2007, p. 85). Nurses can also use the above verse to support their patients. The practice will “encourage them to love one another and share God’s words” (Dilani, 2013, p. 24).

I have selected the above Biblical passage because it encourages more human beings to empower those in need. The passage also explains why “nursing should be a calling” (Dilani, 2013, p. 19). This approach “will ensure every caregiver is ready to restore the dimensions of his or her patients” (Chapman, 2007, p. 87). The concept of Healing Hospital is appropriate because “it supports the psychological, physical, mental, and spiritual needs of every patient” (Chapman, 2007, p. 98). The strategy will ensure every person receives the best medical attention.

Concluding Remarks

The Healing Hospital Paradigm has equipped me with new competencies that can support my healthcare philosophy. I have gained new evidence-based concepts that can improve my medical practice. I will always support the health needs of my patients. Every “magnet-designated medical facility can use this paradigm in order to achieve the best outcomes” (Chapman, 2007, p. 84). Medical professionals should therefore work hard in order to promote the concept of a healing hospital.

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