Health Care Reform and Insurance in Florida

Health Insurance

According to the website, Florida residents who seek for medical insurance have several options. Eligible individuals can apply for public health plans. The first option is Medicaid, a social program oriented towards people with limited resources. Importantly, the website also mentions that Florida chose not to expand Medicaid coverage to single, low-income adults, which means that eligibility is determined by the compliance with the state-defined criteria. Florida also participates in the federally facilitated insurance marketplace in order to ensure that most Americans can buy insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act.

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After enrolling in health plans compliant with ACA, they have an option to apply for financial assistance based on their level of income that decreases their regular expenses for healthcare and monthly premiums (Healthcare, Inc., n.d). A separate state-based insurance program, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), provides inexpensive coverage for eligible children. The website offers free quotes on health insurance plans as well as the possibility to apply for an insurance plan of choice directly. Finally, the individuals who are not eligible for public insurance plans can consider private providers as a source of an insurance plan.

Health Statistics

The information on the population’s health statistics offered on the website is relatively scarce. It characterizes the health condition of the population as below average and provides the 2014 data according to which Florida was ranked 32nd healthiest state. The lack of sufficient health insurance coverage is cited as one of the critical issues that prevent it from being considered healthy. Another cause of the unsatisfactory health state of the population is the lack of healthy habits. While the health system in Florida is relatively efficient, the population suffers from several conditions that can be prevented through healthy living. Enforcing accessibility and other aggressive measures are considered the most viable approach to realizing Florida’s full potential (Healthcare, Inc., n.d).

Position on Health Care Reform

Since the passage of the reform in 2010, Florida has been among the states that strongly resisted its completion. In fact, Florida has been among the leaders of the movement against the reform and the state officials were very vocal in their attempts to persuade both the public and the authorities that the proposed overhaul is unconstitutional, violates state-government rights, and will result in a significant increase in spending, which will put additional strain on Florida’s economy (Editorial board, 2013).

The debate is still ongoing, as the less numerous proponents continue to point out the presence of federal matching grants that are expected to cover the majority of the expenses. In addition, the lack of uniformity and accessibility to insurance coverage among the low-income population remains one of the leading reasons for the poor state of public health in Florida (Healthcare, Inc., n.d.). In an attempt to support the reform, many organizations received nearly $8 million in grants aimed at informing the population on the implications of the federal program (Editorial board, 2013).

Influence on Practice

For the most part, I anticipate changes for the better in my practice associated with the reform. First, it specifies an increase in funding for advanced practice, which would give me greater freedom in the professional domain. In addition, it also creates grants for innovative programs, which have the potential to improve the overall state of public health. Finally, the allocation of additional resources for nursing education can improve the general level of proficiency among practitioners. While it will not have a direct impact on my practice, an indirect long-term positive effect will likely be enormous. Thus, despite the possible difficulties and inconsistencies, the influence of the reform can be characterized as positive.


Editorial board. (2013 September 19). Blocking health care reform in Florida. The New York Times.

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