Health Systems Global Organization’s Project and Partnership

Identified Organization

The targeted organization for this discussion is the Health Systems Global (HSG). This global organization attracts members from different parts of the world. The agency focuses on new ideas to promote global health systems (“History,” 2017). The organization’s actions include: promoting the acquisition of new information in health, translating knowledge, and applying scientific findings in real healthcare settings.

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The vision of the international agency is to create interconnected health systems that can contribute to the accomplishment of wellbeing, equity, and better health (“History,” 2017). The mission is to convene policymakers, healthcare implementers, and researchers from different corners of the world to support sustainable health systems that can result in knowledge dissemination.

The agency brings together stakeholders such as donors and researchers to support sustainable health care systems. Health systems research can be conducted and strengthened. The practice will “result in complex health systems interventions” (“History,” 2017, para. 4). The organization seeks to promote health research in low-income nations and communities. The organization plans to collect health information and avail it to more stakeholders.


The agency undertakes various projects in an attempt to support the emerging health needs of more people in the underdeveloped world. One of these projects is the health systems research. This kind of project is executed by competent policymakers and researchers. The professionals collect adequate knowledge and insights to develop better health systems. When the project is completed, the information can be used to strengthen every healthcare delivery system (“History,” 2017).

Project’s Impact on Global Health

The information and knowledge disseminated by the organization are used by policymakers especially in the underdeveloped world (“History,” 2017). The researchers and implementers have managed to unleash their abilities to create and apply knowledge to the field of health. This process has led to strong health systems that have the potential to transform the health outcomes of more people. Nurse practitioners can use the available knowledge to make evidence-based healthcare decisions. Such measures continue to support the existing healthcare delivery systems. Experts believe strongly that the agenda of the organization will inform healthcare practice and eventually support the changing needs of more communities.

An organization that Can Partner with the HSG

The organization can partner with the Nursing Community (NC) to ensure quality health care is available to more people in the United States and beyond. NC is a coalition of professional nurses and associations in the country (“Core principles,” 2017). The organization focuses on different issues such as nursing practice, education, regulation, and research. The organization’s ultimate mission is to improve the health outcomes of more people. Collaboration with the organization will promote scientific inquiry and deliver evidence-based information that can be used to design adequate healthcare delivery models. Registered nurses (RNs) and advanced practice nurses (APNs) will use the knowledge to transform the field of healthcare.

Partnership Proposal

  • The first step is for the two organizations to analyze their unique missions, visions, goals, and roles in healthcare.
  • The second stage is coming up with a common focus or vision. The shared vision should consider specific issues such as data collection and the creation of sustainable health systems for nurse practitioners (“Core principles,” 2017).
  • The next stage is working together to improve research work, identify emerging trends in healthcare, and analyze the gaps affecting different populations.
  • Finally, new healthcare delivery systems will be created in order to improve the health outcomes of more citizens.


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