Health Insurances and Florida’s State Strategies


Introducing opportunities for health insurance is a critical part of any benefit package in the contemporary workplace environment. Employers are obligated to create the environment that will be characterized as fully safe for the well-being of their staff members, which includes addressing emerging health concerns and covering the relevant expenses. However, due to the economic challenges and financial constraints of a range of citizens in Florida combined with the lack of compliance with the set standards among lesser companies, the introduction of a homogenous set of standards is critical. Thus, the creation of the Health Plan Bill in Florida was not only necessary but also inevitable. Nevertheless, the bill remains rather new, and its implementation may cause several questions, which is why it is important to address possible concerns beforehand.

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Adoption of the Reform

The reform was adopted on January 1, 2019 by the Congress after it had been proposed by the Health and Human Services Committee (Florida Senate, 2019). The regulation was unanimously considered a necessary addition to the current set of Florida’s healthcare regulations since it helped to coordinate one of the main concerns of health management issues in Florida, specifically, the use of insurance by companies as the means of providing employees with the healthcare support of the required quality and efficacy (Florida Senate, 2019). Therefore, the process of adopting the reform was rather painstaking and involved profound contemplations, which reflect the resounding impact that it is expected to produce in the future.

Funding Structure

The regulation introducing health plans into the economic environment of Florida is currently state-funded, which is reasonable given the fact that the issue of insurance is linked to the one of human rights protection and needs to be coordinated by the state authorities (Florida Senate, 2019). Consequently, the promotion of the specified change and the implementation of the principles set in the bill are expected to take place with the active support of the state funding. However, due to the current economic concerns in some of the underdeveloped areas of Florida, the necessity to address the needs of underserviced members of the population may lead to budget cuts and the provision of less effective health management options by insurers (Florida Senate, 2019). Nevertheless, the described alteration in the state policies concerning the management of the insurance issue is an important step in the right direction.


With its focus on managing challenges associated with coverage for staff members in SMEs operating in the Florida business context, the Health Plan Bill issued by the Florida government is expected to shape the current standards for care. Although the bill has only recently been approved, positive changes can be observed in the Florida healthcare environment even presently (Florida Senate, 2019). Specifically, a report by Georgetown University (2016) shows that in 2017, a total of approximately 2.6 million citizens in Florida suffered from the lack of health insurance. However, with the introduction of the described regulation into the set of standards with which organizations have to comply based on the Florida legal system, the specified number dropped to 21 million (The U.S. Census Bureau, 2019). The observed trend indicates that the regulation has had a positive impact on public health issues in Florida and advanced the management of the insurance concern. Thus, positive developments are expected in the future as the regulation gains greater power in the Florida economic setting.


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