Healthcare Centers Employee Benefits and Compensation

Providing benefits to employees is a necessity for all companies. However, standards may vary depending on the institution (Gitman, Joehnk, & Billingsley, 2013). Although Iroquois Healthcare, Albany Medical Center, and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital as nursing organizations share vision and missions, the employee benefit and compensation packages provided by different companies differ significantly.

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At first glance, each of the three institutions provides the same standard employee benefits package, i.e., medical insurance for a range of health issues. However, inspecting the organizations closer, one will see that, in contrast to Beth Israel, Iroquois has devised a unique Employee Service Program that includes not only a host of resources but also a system of flexible discounts (Iroquois Healthcare, 2016).

Beth Israel, in its turn, goes even further by distinguishing between the types of health insurance and providing separate services for vision care and disability care. More importantly, the organization offers its staff the option of life insurance. Thus, the company creates premises for enhancing staff loyalty as it proves its willingness to create strong and long-term relationships with each of the employees (Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, 2016), as opposed to Albany Medical Center (Albany Medical Center, 2016).

Although each of the offers suggested by the organizations listed above is rather sensible, the opportunities offered by Beth Israel seem to be the most beneficial. Therefore, it is expected that the candidates will focus on becoming the members of Beth Israel’s workplace environment (Attridge, ‎Herlihy, ‎& Maiden, 2013).

It could be argued, though, that the redesign of the benefits package suggested currently by the Iroquois Healthcare Company and the Albany Medical Center toward an employee-focused approach could help improve the company’s HRM framework and create the environment, in which Corporate Social Responsibility, active learning, experience sharing, and initiative could become a part and parcel of the workplace environment.

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