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Healthcare Delivery: Patients Outcomes

Practitioners and healthcare professionals should always strive to maximize the outcomes of their patients. However, some gaps and challenges might emerge in a clinical setting, thereby affecting the nature and quality of available care. This self-reflection paper examines a specific event that occurred in a healthcare delivery setting and the takeaways gained from it.

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Subject Matter and Importance

Some health leaders and practitioners fail to implement adequate procedures to meet their patients’ health demands. I witnessed an event whereby my patient was placed at risk. I had taken a friend of mine to hospital after complaining of a severe stomachache. Since it was around 7.30 am, most of the clinicians and nurses were handing over to their colleagues. It took us more than two hours before receive the required health support.

Most of the practitioners in the department were unwilling to focus on the needs of the patients in the waiting bay. Personally, I observed that such an event was due to a combination of systems failures and inaction. This was the case since the hospital failed to implement a powerful model to punish practitioners who ignore their patients. The institution can address this gap by introducing a superior structure to address all people’s health expectations (Hassmiller & Reinhard, 2015). Being personally involved in this event, I felt disappointed and unhappy. The workers and practitioners in the department were also unconcerned with such an occurrence.

Another important observation was that most of the professionals in the unit were aware of what was going on around them. Unfortunately, the healthcare providers responsible for the morning session failed to address this safety problem. It was after two hours when they began to provide the required medical services. This issue is important for me since it encourages me to consider superior practices that can address my patients’ health demands. The event can also become a powerful guideline for transforming the way shifts and handovers are coordinated (Hassmiller & Reinhard, 2015). This occurrence is also relevant since it challenges health managers (HMs) to implement superior organizational cultures, models, and ideas to minimize wait time.

Effects and Takeaways: Course Outcomes

The above event affected me both negatively and positively. It was quite disturbing to see my friend in great pain and without any form of support from the nurses. The occurrence was also relevant since it empowered me to design a superior philosophy that would guide me in my future practice. The acquired ideas can empower and encourage care providers to work as a team and focus on their patients’ expectations (Hassmiller & Reinhard, 2015). Such an approach will definitely help many people in the future.

There is a need for me to do several things differently next time. The first one is reproaching caregivers who fail to empower their patients. It will also be necessary to design a better handover approach to minimize similar events. I will be willing to encourage my workmates to embrace the power of multidisciplinary teams. These issues resonate with the concepts studied in class, including compassion, resilience, and evidence-based practice (Hassmiller & Reinhard, 2015). It is also necessary for leaders in the field of health to develop superior models that can result in the delivery of high-quality medical services.


The above discussion explains how certain clinical event should challenge nurses to use their philosophies and provide timely medical services. I identified new areas for improvement since the outlined occurrence affected my friend’s health experiences and outcomes. In conclusion, practitioners should always use evidence-based concepts and ideas to transform negative situations and empower more people.

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