Hernandez & Associates Agency’s Team Leadership Model

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Topic: Business & Economics

The change of the strategy of the large firm can be rather a challenge for leaders. The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, negatively influenced the general performance of many companies. The following economic downturn became inevitable. As a result, many firms had to alter their business strategy. A full-service advertising agency, Hernandez & Associates Inc., faces the need for such change. Although it can be a time-consuming task, Hernandez & Associates has to apply to the Team Leadership Model to overcome difficulties and change the way the firm does business.

Marco Hernandez, the president of the company, realizes that the urgent change does not coincide with the available resources to conduct transformation immediately. Instead, he has to adapt the business strategy to the new working environment. The new clients’ demands concern their limited financial resources and the need to increase customer bases. Marco has succeeded in explaining the shift in customers’ needs. He also comprehends that his employees have the potential to change their performance though he needs a starting point.

The Team Leadership Model should assist Marco in defining the urgency of the company’s inevitable changes. Team Leadership Model presupposes doing particular actions aimed at increasing general team effectiveness. The task of the leader is to conduct both external and internal decisions to accomplish the goals (DeMetropolis, 2003). Marco’s group roles have to be changed. Employees have to start taking into consideration new aspects. According to the case study, everyone should consider the limited financial abilities of their customers.

It is significant to analyze input, process, and output separately to find the leverage points for change. Thus, the input is connected to organizational aspects, team design, and individual inputs (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2014). Organizational issues focus on the system of rewards and education. Marco has explained his team the importance of change and provided it with all the necessary resources. Nevertheless, the team faces new challenges. Marco should establish some educational programs for teaching team members to work under particular circumstances. Besides, the reward system should be altered due to the decrease in customers’ paying capacity. The team design is unclear too. Marco should integrate group work aimed at improving everyone’s understanding of all parts of the working process. The process function refers to group dynamics. New challenges may lead to the need for implementing the new system of control. The firm’s primary concerns should be concentrated on the input.

The team’s goals for output include customer and individual satisfaction. Thus, Hernandez & Associates should alter its input to make it possible to provide clients with efficient services at minimum costs. Employees should not experience burnout. Marco has to employ training for increasing employee resilience. The potential resources for Marco and his team may include the new professional training of the employees. Besides, the system of rewards, working process control, and increasing employee resilience can be a time-consuming task that requires financial resources, energy, and desire to succeed.

The firm Hernandez & Associates faces difficult times due to the changes in their target market capacities. The Team Leadership Model should be implemented as the basis for identifying urgent problems. The most significant changes should be made to the input function. The process will be affected by the input. Output objectives of the firm include the personal satisfaction of employees and clients’ urgent needs fulfillment.


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