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Homeland Security Concerns and Responsible Governance

Every government has a system that enables its departments and individuals pass and receive information. The command structure varies with each department or unit. The importance of understanding the bureaucratic system allows one to know how to handle basic requirements. Project on Government Oversight (POGO) came into being in order to tackle corruption and misconduct in the federal government. Its investigations have been successful in making individuals and government agencies morally responsible for their duties to the public. The whistleblowers and insiders have been the most resourceful people for the Non Profit making Organization.

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Government Oversight Projects

One of the projects that POGO is currently carrying out is the revolving door. Mr. Daniel Poneman, who had been the Department of Energy’s deputy secretary, became the C.E.O and President of Centrus Energy Corp. According to the government ethics requirements, Poneman is supposed to wait for at least a year before representing the company in DOE (Project on Government Oversight, 2015).

But there are weaknesses in the laws that allow such individuals to continue working with their former government employer through emissaries. Such a conduct gives some companies an unfair advantage over the others. POGO issued some recommendations to force officials to cool off for longer before taking a job with a company they used to oversee (Project on Government Oversight, 2015).

Another report that POGO is investigating is about the Zero Dark Thirty film where there are allegations of leaking confidential information to the filmmakers. The intelligence report that led to Osama bin Laden’s location was inaccurate and had a lot of cover up. Other projects include the presentation of statements for house hearing on VA Whistleblowers. They are also working on a report about the Air Force’s right to fire the General that threatened troops with treason. The group of whistleblowers is urging President Obama to fire the Commerce Inspector General. All the above are among the many projects that POGO is working on to make the bureaucracy work and foster accountability in the public sector (Project on Government Oversight, 2015).

Homeland Security Concerns

Security is a major concern for the US and many other nations. The interest in security matters grows day by day as terrorists keep advancing in attack mechanisms. Since its inception, the Department of Homeland Security has managed to promote proper communication, bureaucracy and domestic security. It has created a framework through which it engages the academic community. School administrators, faculties and the students assist the protection agency on varied issues. It also oversees citizenship and immigration services (Doak, 2012).

Homeland Security also works on international engagement project to protect its interests and promote its economic agenda (Topics | Homeland security, 2015). It has also developed the Homeland Security Information Network, which other agencies such as the federal, territorial and tribal agencies among other partners use. It partners with other law enforcement departments through communication mechanisms put in place. It also strengthens its analytic capabilities to achieve awareness of new and emerging threats. Human trafficking is also among the activities that the security organ is fighting. It launched the Blue Campaign in 2010 to make the fight more proactive (Doak, 2012).


However, the highest priority that enabled the formation of the Homeland Security was the fight against terrorism. It still continues to improve the fight. It has dispatched its officers in the transportation sector and is working with other security organs to promote safety in the transport industry. It also deals with disaster and disaster prevention. It safeguards the civil rights and civil liberties of citizens and allows people to apply for jobs and work towards supporting its mission.

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