Hot Topic Retail Company’s Success Factors

What makes Hot Topic so successful as a retailer? What makes them so popular with their employees? How can they keep their success going?

Hot Topic is an outstanding example of how a unique corporate culture could cultivate satisfaction among employees and promote the companys success. Several aspects make Hot Topic a successful retailer and guarantee a high level of sales. First, it is the usage of an unusual concept that serves as the basis for the brands evolution. Companys CEOs believe that passion becomes the main idea that attracts customers. At the moment, there are two retail store lines which are Hot Topic and Torrid. Despite their belonging to the same brand, they have a significant difference in the atmosphere. Hot Topic cultivates music as the central theme.

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It impacts all stores interior, the target audience, assortment, the way goods are presented, etc. Numerous accessories, souvenirs, cultural items, and clothing are offered to younger people who are interested in them. As for Torrid, its main passion is fashion. That is why this store line offers modern clothing to the plus-size woman. This diversity in approaches and the attempt to cultivate distinct cultures contribute to the enhanced brands image and its popularity with customers.

At the same time, the approach also impacts employees and significantly increases their level of motivation. There is a set of actions introduced to preserve a particular atmosphere within a collective and make workers feel the part of the great brand. They are allowed to visit concerts for free as the company will pay for them if they provide a fashion report. Moreover, the corporate culture emphasizes the role of an employee and his/her contribution to Hop Topics development. For this reason, every person working in this environment becomes motivated to demonstrate better results and belong to this unique brand.

Considering these facts, the company should preserve its current approach and try to cultivate its unusual corporate culture. Its further evolution will help workers to remain highly motivated and demonstrate better results. Moreover, the introduction of a new retail store line that is based on another aspect similar to previous ones will guarantee the increased level of attention given to the brand and undying interest in its goods (Bajic, 2013).

How does the idea of no walls and no doors in the corporate headquarters encourage the culture Hot Topic is trying to perpetuate? Do you think you would like to work in such an atmosphere?

At the moment, Hot Topic is a brand that boasts its unique nature and cultivates the corporate culture which attracts employees and increases their level of motivation. For this reason, there are numerous attempts to encourage workers to engage in cooperation. Furthermore, the company also recognizes the importance of trust and partnership among the members of staff. That is why they are involved in numerous events and actions. In this regard, the idea of no walls and doors in the corporate headquarters could be considered a good way to perpetuate the unique culture and contribute to its further development.

First, it will promote the level of trust within the collective. The absence of walls and doors means that there is nothing to hide (Edmonds, 2014). Additionally, there is hardly any other brand that uses the same approach and similarly organizes the interior. That is why Hot Topic should continue cultivating its striking image. Moreover, an employee working in the given atmosphere will be able to communicate with their colleague and ask for assistance. Finally, it will attract new specialists and increase the pool of potential employees. As for me, I would like to work in the given environment as it is creative and helps to experience belonging to the specific brand that is now appreciated by customers and provides numerous opportunities for its employees.


Bajic, E. (2013). Corporate culture: Creating and cultivating company ‘charisma’. Forbes. Web.

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Edmonds, C. (2014). The culture engine: A framework for driving results, inspiring your employees, and transforming your workplace. New York, NY: Wiley.

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