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Leadership Behavior and Skills Inventory

The possession of leadership skills is not just an ability to use specific techniques that can theoretically help an employee. It is quite a big complex of activities, which is necessary to adhere. Everyone has this or that knowledge, but leadership philosophy requires a particular approach. As for my leadership philosophy, based on the questionnaire that I have passed and the results obtained, I can say that I have developed the qualities of the leader to some extent. I suppose that people can listen to me, since my relationships with the team are at a rather good level, and my qualification allows me to understand well the tasks set.

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Personal Evaluation of Skills Inventory

The characteristics that I received after going through the test to determine my working skills are rather impressive. I have made sure that the technical abilities that I possess are the highest among the others. I believe that it is quite important because, as Northouse (2016) notes, a qualified specialist must necessarily have experience in working with electronic resources. The modern development of technical equipment provides for the almost global spread of computers. Therefore, to manage people, it is desirable to be well-oriented in this area, and I hope that these characteristics may help me to become a more effective leader.

As for human skills, my result here is moderate. Perhaps, it is because I set working tasks higher than personal; thus, achieving goals sometimes is a key factor for me. Besides, the clear understanding of the duty is the basis for its successful implementation (Bodell, 2014). Human relationships, of course, play a significant role, especially when it comes to teamwork, but I consider that it is necessary to be a good specialist first of all. Nevertheless, I believe that my result is sufficient to work successfully in the team and at the same time to achieve success in productive work.

The data on the conceptual skills has impressed me most. I have never thought that I can work creatively because, in my opinion, I have a greater propensity for specifics. However, judging by these indicators, I see that I should spend more time on planning and search for optimal strategies. The style of leadership, as it is known, consists not only in personal growth but also in caring for the company’s interests (Prince, 2014). If I carefully think through the steps that will help the company and me to achieve better results, I will probably be able to strengthen my leadership positions and gain recognition among colleagues and management.

Results of Leadership Behavior

According to the information received in the section on leadership behavior, I can say that my indicators are rather good. Comparing the data with the point of scoring, I can say that my result is the highest relative to the existing scale. The two main types of leadership behavior are task and relationship. I can conclude that both of these characteristics are developed in me. Accordingly, I hope that I have all the makings to become an example for imitation, the main thing is not to stop and continue self-improving.

I have scored a higher result in the relationship type. According to Rowold and Borgmann (2013), despite the fact that many leadership theories have emerged lately, most of them have quite a lot in common. In particular, this is the relationship among employees, corporate ethics, and everything that has always been considered the basis for productive cooperation. Probably, I am likely to lead with a more emphasis on the type of relationship than on the task. Thus, I can say that my level of this leadership type is sufficient to help me become even more productive.

Although my result in the task type is a little lower, it, nevertheless, also refers to the highest score. It means that I can give people certain tasks, being in the leadership position, and to follow their implementation competently. I believe that this quality is perhaps the most important for an ambitious and purposeful employee. Responsibility for task completion, according to Northouse (2016), is an indispensable attribute of a successful career. Therefore, I expect to continue developing this quality and do everything possible to improve myself as a leader.

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Another skill of an experienced and qualified leader is the ability to adapt to specific situations and draw logical conclusions based on the optimal work result (Rowold & Borgmann, 2013). As people fulfill their duties, they should be able to change their attitude towards specific issues if it is necessary. As for me, I am sure that there are ways that could help me adjust my behavior to shift the emphasis I give to tasks and relationships. For example, even greater focus on goals can positively influence the change in the course of my work.

Thus, I can suppose that I have quite developed qualities of the leader. As my results are high enough, I believe that people can listen to me and follow my instructions. I should pay attention to the results of the questionnaire and draw the necessary conclusions to train my leadership skills. If I manage to shift the emphasis from those I possess, I may gain even more recognition among my colleagues and management.


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