How a Blender Works: Commercial Speech

How a Blender Works

Specific Purpose: to show my audience how a blender works and benefits that it can bring to one’s everyday life.

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Central Idea: a blender is a useful gadget that can assist in various cooking tricks as well as save the time of its owners.


Hello, my name is Maria Dolores, and in this presentation, I will show how blender works and for what tasks it can be used in your kitchen. A blender is a predominantly kitchen (sometimes laboratory) electric appliance that can be used for mixing, crushing, emulsifying, or dissolving substances for later use or immediate consumption. Such a tool can be handy when time is an issue; for example, it can quickly mix pancake batter without the need for using a whisk, which extends the time for preparing pancakes since it requires physical work. In the modern market full of new technologies and gadgets, there are a variety of blenders to suit the needs of all consumers, ranging from affordable and straightforward blenders to high quality and elaborate but expensive tools.


How a blender works

  1. Blender parts include the following:
    1. Container;
    2. Blade/cutter;
    3. Cover and fill cap;
    4. Cutting assembly;
    5. Container base (with a motor inside);
    6. Control knob (black switch) to increase/decrease speeds.
  2. Speeds for mixing/cutting/emulsifying:
    1. Low;
    2. Medium;
    3. High.
  3. Assembly procedures:
    1. Connect the cutting assembly to the container;
    2. Place the container with the assembly on the base;
    3. Cover the container with a lid and the filler cap.
  4. How to use a blender:
    1. Assemble the blender based on the instructions;
    2. Plug in the cable to any electric port of your choosing;
    3. Place all substances that need blending in the container;
    4. Put on the lid;
    5. Start with a lower speed, gradually moving to higher speeds.
  5. After mixing ingredients:
    1. Turn off the blender and plug out the cable;
    2. Open the lid and transfer the mixture to any desired container;
    3. Disassemble the blender and wash the container, lid, and the cutting assembly;
    4. Do not get the inside of the base wet;
    5. Once dry, the blender can be assembled back and stored for later use.

Uses of a blender can be the following

  1. Creaming soup or pureeing soft foods (Mifflin, 2017);
  2. Making pancake/waffle batter;
  3. Making sauces such as mayonnaise, Ceasar dressing, gravy, salsa, etc.;
  4. Crushing ice for cocktails;
  5. Making smoothies or fruit ice cream;
  6. Milling flour from oats, almonds, wheat;
  7. Making powdered sugar for desserts;
  8. Making nut butter of any kind (Randolph, 2015).


In this presentation, I have presented you with a basic guideline on how to use a kitchen blender. The most important thing is making sure that your tool has been assembled correctly to ensure safe and efficient functioning. Check whether the lid is on and allow for some free space in the container, as substances tend to rise when being blended. Since it has parts such as a sharp blade and an electric plug, it is essential to ensure that the appliance is kept away from children to avoid accidents. A blender is a beneficial kitchen tool that can quickly speed up the process of preparing food and help in coming up with new recipes since the possibilities of its use are endless! Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.


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Randolph, L. (2015). 14 cool uses for a blender. Web.

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