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How a Blind Man May Fall in Love

The sense of sight is essential in perceiving an expression of emotion by observing other people’s nonverbal communication. Blind people cannot see the facial expression of another person, but they are not blind to emotions because they have a unique way of sensing responding to sentiments expressed by other people (Valente et al. 483). This extraordinary ability helps them to perceive and differentiate between when they are treated well and bad. In most cases, people say they fell in love at first sight, but the blind could say at first conversation. They find love in a person’s personality and character, not the looks because they cannot see (Valente et al. 488). Although they are visually impaired, the blind have an innate ability to perceive the emotions of other people, which enables them to fall in love.

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First, as people with sight have the ability to look at the physical appearance of a person and like them, the visually impaired people have different ways of being attracted to someone and falling in love. Although the blind cannot see, by talking to people and knowing them better, they learn much (Valente et al. 489). When the conversation is free-flowing without any form of prejudice perceived by the blind man, he begins to develop some form of attachment to the other person, and slowly, he starts to fall in love. Sometimes, the feeling is mutual between these two lovers, and they become comfortable with each other regardless of their differences. The visually impaired man finds solace in the other person, who then understands him with his disability. Therefore, the blind get emotionally attracted to other people and fall in love as those who can see do.

Second, the blind get emotionally attracted to people showing compassion to them, such as helping them cross a busy road. Unlike persons who can see, the blind attaches much value to people who show them compassion and care (Valente et al. 489). They think that is the right kind of people to have in their lives, and they develop strong feelings towards these particular individuals. For example, while about to walk down the stairs, a lady can approach a blind man, hold his hand, and help him down while talking about a general topic. During this conversation, the blind person develops love toward the lady, and when they come to the same building, and the same lady shows up with the same gesture, this man will fall in love. The next time, the blind man will ask the lady about her love life and, if the lady is compassionate enough, she will be frank to speak freely about it, and the man will propose, and the lady will accept to become his lover. Therefore, this is another way a blind man falls in love.

Third, although the blind cannot see, they can hear, and they easily become infatuated with people doing what they like. For example, if a blind man enjoys listening to music and there is a particular genre he likes, he tends to be infatuated with a singer of the opposite gender singing a song so well. If a lady was performing in an end-of-year concert and the blind man was in attendance, he would not hesitate to express his love for the song and the singer too. Most people are empathetic, and if the blind man openly expresses his interest, his proposal is likely to be accepted, and the man will be in love. Therefore, a blind man falls in love with individuals who do best what he likes, for example, singing.

Fourth, a blind person easily finds love in someone’s personality or an individual they have common interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. For example, a blind man can find a lady in a public carrier, such as a train, and they start to share a few of their experiences. During the conversation, if the man realizes that the other person has similar likes and dislikes, he will feel some form of attachment, and they may share contacts. If one of their common hobbies is playing the piano, they will organize to meet and do it together. With time, these two people will fall in love because they have something that brings them together, and in doing so, the blind man will fall in love.

In conclusion, the blind fall in love in many ways. Since they cannot see, physical appearance is not appealing to them. Instead, they become emotionally attracted to another person they share hobbies, interests, and likes, which makes them feel the love. Additionally, a blind man can easily fall in love with an individual who shows him empathy, for example, helping him cross a busy road or walk up the stairs. Besides, a blind man can love people doing the things he likes, for example, singing and dancing. Therefore, blind people usually look for another person’s personality and inner beauty as opposed to physical appearance.

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