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How Technology Is Destroying Education

Technology is widely used in Britain and other parts of the world. There is high access, knowledge, and use of technology especially among the young people. It has been observed that in London people spend a lot of time on the Internet. This has affected many sectors in the country both positively and negatively. The education sector has been one of the most affected sectors in the society.

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The modern technology negatively affects the society in different ways. Notably, the education sector is more vulnerable as many young people have embraced technology in a big way. Because of Internet, children become passive in the classroom. This is because students regularly use phones and play video games in class. In addition, students do not have time to do their homework because they are occupied with watching movies, television and playing internet and video games (Macionis and Plummer, 2006). In fact, because of technology, many students fail to perform in school because they neglect studies and only waste their time on the Internet. This has caused declined performance in school.

Most children spend their time on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter connecting with friends. Because of this, most students do not have time to do revision or keep up with their class work for “fear” of missing out something interesting that may go on Facebook. Additionally, the exam system form of assessment has become meaningless because technology has made it easy and convenient for students to cheat in order to pass. Internet enabled phones to be used by students to search for answers and use them in examination.

Information technology has made students become lazy. This is because student can copy and paste answers from the Internet. Extensive learning and research are less practiced in schools making people incompetent. In addition, students hire professionals online to do their homework and assignments. This prevents personal commitment and consequently deteriorates education.

Most households and schools in Britain have internet-enabled computers. Students use these computers to view explicit materials instead of studying, researching or focusing on what they are supposed to do. However, it has proved difficult to monitor students closely to know what they access on the Internet. Viewing of explicit materials makes students lose concentration, that is why most of them get poor grades in school (Macionis, and Plummer, 2006).

According to research conducted recently in Britain, many students drop out of school because of over exposure to Internet. Over the Internet, people can acquire many negative things. This has also led to criminal activities among young people. Young people especially the schoolchildren tend to copy what they see in movies and on the Internet. For instance, use of guns and violence in movies contribute to evil behavior among students causing chaos and strikes in our schools (Abercrombie, 2004).

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