Negative Effects of Technology on Society


Technology and culture symbolize a recurrent co-creation, co-influence, as well as co-dependency of knowledge in the society based on the auxiliary expertise upon beliefs. The rapport between technology and society transpired since the genesis of humanity. The discovery of diffident outfits is continuous even in contemporary technologies like mainframes and printing the press. In the present-day, society exists in the period of unconventional technology.

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Virtually all the sections in societal life are affected either positively or negatively by technology in different ways. Different societies are starting to recognize the advantages of employing technology to develop in areas such as curbing crime, psychology, education, and healthcare (Glenda, 2014). In comparison with the ancient eras, the community has improved facilities along with a luxurious experience amplified by the technology.

The growth of technology is never limited to a single region. All the diverse sections and industries in society get influence from the emergent technology. The effect of technology on environmental, physical, mental, and social status might demoralize if not kept under watch. It becomes intolerable to refute technology as it has changed the face of society.

However, overuse or misuse of technological developments is dangerous to daily existence. The essay examines the negative impacts of technology on health, culture, and psychology in the societal setup. Equally, the essay deliberates the generally positive effects of technology in the community.

The speedy insurgency in technology has extremely influenced societal daily life both negatively and positively (Easton, 2011). For instance, the psychologies of youngsters are related to blank sheets. The contemporary peer groups are known to possess a great level of deftness. The preeminent cleverness enables children to fill their minds faster than expected with the available info. Thus, such gen might be taken out from texting, television shows, games, as well as edification resources like books.

Controlled use of the available information is helpful to children and could update them on the present technology. Nevertheless, the misuse of such technological advancements certainly impedes and damages the education sector, communication, and growth of individual perfection.

Negative impacts of technology on societal health


The development of technology has exposed people from different societies to experience emotional and mental disorders. These include delusion, phobias, and anxiety that all marks the indications of psychosis. The symptoms merely emerge after the influence of technology that leaves an individual seriously ill due to the bizarre diseases caused by the WebMD (Castells, 2009).

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Equally, neurosis caused by technology manifests after an individual is flattered that he/she is prominent, yet the devices used is full of viruses. In turn, this retards the development of society negatively.


One may not believe that technology could cause obesity. Today, most people spend extra time viewing comical cat videotapes on YouTube, chatting to friends online, or playing audiovisual games. This amount to obese situations as there is little time for exercises and active training (Castells, 2009). Similarly, the probability of careless consumption of unwholesome food surfed on the internet is high. Such circumstances will lead to increased memorization of people to contract diseases as a result of unhealthy food.

Unfortunate slumber behaviors

The habits of sleeping can be related to the current developments in technology that are believed to be undesirable. A good number of people plunge into the online events that can make them stay awake until late into the night. Hence, the continuous stream is enough to generate into turning off the brainpower. The ambient light from monitors negatively influences the discharge of sleep biochemical (melatonin). Therefore, it is advisable to keep the technology outside the sleeping quarters.

Negative effects of technology on culture

Excessive violence

Technology has led to excess violence. Once an individual has lost understanding, violence transpires counter to the social custom. The adolescent girls are filming violently and end up fighting with each other. The number of bombardments in learning institutions is on the high-rise (Nables, 2013). Violence is evidence of violence caused by the media as part of technology development as seen in videotapes of individuals confronting homeless fellows.

Absence of social ties

Frontal communication is required in a society to generate a lasting union that connects different societies. The extent at which an individual detaches his/herself through modern technology affects the formation of unions. Several persons in the community do more chores at homesteads and thus have little time to spend with the other kinfolks.

The absence of social bonds denatures the culture that exists amongst people that live together. Furthermore, the younger generation desires to communicate online but not on a head-on basis (Mumford, 2010). Teething troubles emanate at the time people in the same room chat through instant messaging or text rather than face-to-face talk.


Technology results in social seclusion that is distinguished by a lack of interaction with the societies in usual day-to-day existence. People segregate themselves through hanging onto the iPods while gazing at the monitor of the newest cellphone gadgets. The research has made it clear that the persons who isolate themselves socially have a shorter lifespan. Thus, isolation is detrimental to the norms of the society since it leads to a perverted reality sense.

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Negative results of technology on psychology

Raised frustration

In contemporary society, teenagers indulge in texting, gaming, or surfing the internet. Such events have influenced the psyche of children destructively. Subsequently, this leads to amplified frustrations that result in stress due to affected psychology. Every time the children are required to perform anything at the time they are surfing the internet or playing games, they will get irritated.

Frustration will hinder their daily existence in societal life. For example, supposed they are probed to pour the garbage out, children would be immediately furious (Alice, 2013). The conduct has devastated the relationships between several children and their parents.

Depreciated tolerance

Tolerance is one of the highly valuable virtues in society. Lack of tolerance can depreciate personal willpower. Devoid of determination that associates with patience, the society faces difficult hurdles in enduring the adversities of life expectancy. Divergent studies reveal that patience in teenagers is gradually fading as a result of the inappropriate usage of technology. In this context, peer groups in the society are irritated quickly at the time they access the internet and the folio that they seek to view loads much slower (Alice, 2013).

Lack of physical interactivity

It is hard to refute the point that technological advancement has fashioned an exceptional technique of communication and interaction. Currently, the way individuals intermingle with one another has changed to a greater extent.

Technology has let the ease of communication through diverse podiums such as social media, role-playing online games, and apps (Alice, 2013). Technology development has weakened the physical interface and mental skills of several youngsters. As a result, damage to the children’ psyche makes them intermingle awkwardly with their fellows at the time they meet.

Positive effects of technology on society

The society has experienced several advantages related to the developed technology in the everyday lifecycle. In essence, technology has helped society in different fields such as communication, education, transportation, health, and agriculture. To start with, technology with the aid of cellphone technology has enabled individuals to communicate with the relative or friends who stay away from the same locality. Besides, the invention of the internet has boosted the erudition on online courses as well as new-fangled business.

The technology relating to aviation has enabled the community to reach places that will require extra hours to travel to. For instance, in the olden days, some places could take individual years to reach due to elongated distance. Technology is important as it has made the use of available natural resources accessible thus, the society general living standards have improved.

Moreover, social networking has made the connection easy in that one can get in contact with relatives or friends they met during the early stages of development (Glenda, 2014). The information can be shared amongst several people all over the globe within the shortest period possible (milliseconds) with the assistance of IT (information technology). Ultimately, food security in society has got a boost by the advanced technology that has transformed the field of agriculture.

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Technology can be compared to the coin as it has two sides (negative and positive impacts). The choices depend on an individual or diverse society to get the best out of using technology. Indeed, the employment of technology to excessively exploit the available resources is evil. The use of knowledge for positive expectations results in a positive effect of technology in daily lives. No one can compete against the development of technology in any societal department. The technological growth must be optimistic so that it positively benefits the present as well as the forthcoming societies.


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