How to Become an International Businessman?

I want to become an international businessman. In my opinion international business is an exciting field. In order to pursue this career, one should acquire certain skills and traits that are paramount to succeed in this field. The plan to become an international businessman requires three supporting details or supporting factors:

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  1. Learn to speak Spanish, Chinese, and English;
  2. Study leadership and management principles;
  3. Earn a degree in a marketing major.

The first supporting detail is language learning. It is a crucial skill for every international businessman who wants to go up the career ladder.. However, my goal is not simply to learn a second language. My focus is to learn how to speak three of the most popular languages in the world. In order to achieve my objective, I will study abroad to learn how to speak English. The English language is the international language of the business world.

It is impossible to succeed as a businessman without the capability to speak it. Although the English language is crucial for business, the second and third most popular and highly demanded languages are Chinese and Spanish. Therefore, it is important to learn how to speak Chinese and Spanish. I will learn these languages using computer software that teaches people how to speak a second language.

The second supporting detail is to study about management. Management teaches students and future managers on how to operate the company’s resources. It is impossible to run a company or a business without understanding the principles of management. I believe that it is easier to manage people if the businessman also understands the core principle under this subject such as leadership. This goal is accomplished by taking up management courses.

In my spare time I will try to read books about successful leaders and managers. Management skills are needed so that the businessman sees the adjustments required to improve business strategies. Management skills enable the leader to utilize resources in the most efficient manner.

The third supporting detail is the need to acquire a marketing major in college. It is important to earn a degree related to International Business with a major in marketing. A major in marketing helps students understand the science of marketing products. It will help me develop a marketing strategy to sell the products to the target market. In addition, a marketing major will help me acquire background information on the industries that are found in Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. It will help me understand why these countries are different from each other.

The following is the summary of the plan on how to become an international businessman. Learning English, Spanish, and Chinese helps in the communication process. It helps to communicate to business partners that are located in different parts of the world. The ability to communicate and work with people coming from different cultural backgrounds is a major requirement for success. An international businessman cannot afford delays and product failures because of miscommunication. Management skills are also needed to ensure the proper use of resources. Management skills enable managers to create an efficient company.

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Finally, it is important to learn marketing skills so that the company’s products are sold with a maximum profit. A marketing major helps in acquiring marketing skills. Marketing skills are needed to sell products to a target market.

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