Leader’s Shadow and Leadership Talent


In my life, I have been on the lookout for an incomparable leader to shadow. One day I went shopping at one of the outlets of Mac’s Convenience Store where I met the store manager, Ramesh Thuong. From then on, I became very fond of him since any time I went to the shop; I had to chat with him for some time. Because I had befriended him, he quickly agreed when I told him that I wanted to shadow him during one of the peak seasons in the store’s operations and consequently write about him. Mac’s Convenience Store is the largest convenience store operator in Canada with many other stores in the U.S. (“About us”). Ramesh takes care of one of the busiest stores in this chain, which is evidence of his great leadership skills.

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Ramesh’s philosophy

In my conversation with Ramesh, I discovered his philosophy. In influencing his subordinates to accomplish the company’s objectives, he sets the right example for them to follow. He believes that actions depict true leadership and not mere words. His actions are evident in the way he assigns the employees various duties. He assigns them based on the qualification that enables them to perform effectively the tasks given. In case an employee has been stuck while performing a duty, he makes every attempt to ensure that the employee gets through by offering his assistance. Ramesh’s leadership by example is an inspiration to his colleagues who always learn from his ways. In the period that I was shadowing Ramesh, I noticed that he followed up his philosophy by practicing servant leadership.

He devoted himself to serving the interests of the company. In several instances, employees could come to him seeking clarification about some urgent issues they were facing. He did not throw them away but faithfully attended to the concerns of every one of them. A good leader is indeed made, not born. Ramesh had developed his leadership skills through a thorough method of self-study, learning, training, and experience. Ramesh had a humble beginning as a cashier at Mac’s store. He was then elevated to the position of a marketing manager for about eighteen months. Through doing a lot of self-study, he soon became experienced with the various in-house practices. Because of his exemplary skills in leadership, he got a promotion to the position of store manager.

Ramesh leadership roles

During the time that I was shadowing Ramesh, several leadership qualities stood out. I noticed that he communicated effectively when he was addressing his subordinates. I asked him why he is concerned so much about effective communication. He reminded me that in any organization, communication is important since without it little can be achieved. Ramesh uses communication to state clearly the goals of the company; therefore, everyone has always felt involved in the running of the store.

To demonstrate good leadership qualities, one has to develop respect for himself or herself and respect for his or her colleagues. Respect is reciprocal since if a leader lacks respect, he or she cannot command a following. Ramesh recognizes the significance of this principle. He relates to all of his staff equally not considering their backgrounds. He regards the place of work as a professional environment and he has never been disrespectful to anyone. Occasionally, I could leave him to go and interact freely with the company staff. I found out that he had a great following because the staff members equally respect him.

Big dreams rarely become a reality through the efforts of one single person since it requires a team effort, solid trust, and strong relationships. Moreover, it needs deep competence and cool confidence, group collaboration, and lastly immense individual accountability. In having extraordinary things accomplished at Mac’s store, Ramesh always enabled others to act. I realized that he was on the road to becoming a good leader by the way he addresses his subordinates. I noticed that he frequently used the word we nearly three times more often than he uses the word I. In doing this, his subordinates responded more enthusiastically and his team became more cohesive when they realized that they were part of us. Ramesh recommended to me to use this magic word more often to make things turn around.

Ramesh fosters collaboration and the building of trust among the staff members. He adheres to this sense of teamwork by going far beyond a few direct reports or close confidants. He engages all the people who are working at the store. He does not restrict operations to a small group of loyalists, but he includes all those who have a stake in the vision of Mac’s store. In the team, he encourages everyone to be committed to responsibility. He usually reminds the team members that it is better to fail to accept a responsibility than to accept one and deliver poor results. This has earned him credibility in the business cycles.

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For the whole period that I had been shadowing Ramesh, I noticed that he was strict in keeping time. I asked him about this. He told me that time in the store is constant and irreversible and nothing can be substituted for it since any moment wasted can never be regained. He developed workable time management techniques that ensured that everything around him moves as though on a timer. He regards time as of essence since it keeps getting away and no one is capable of changing it to suit his or her needs. Therefore, Ramesh managed time efficiently to be an efficient manager.


All through my shadowing activity that lasted close to ten hours, I learned one important lesson. The leadership talent that Ramesh possesses illustrates that anybody is capable of becoming a leader. It all depends on the dedication that one puts in making this dream become a reality. Ramesh was not born a manager, but he painstakingly made his way to the top. He capitalized on every available opportunity to sharpen his leadership skills. In his current position, he dedicates a great deal of time and energy to the fulfillment of the goals of Mac’s store. This shadowing experience has enabled me to realize that I also have a leadership potential that when properly nurtured can bring great benefits. I have recognized that if I believe in myself, I can be able to fulfill my ambitions. In the meantime, I have to provide direction and support to my peers especially during uncertain times, utilize fully my leadership talents and strive to set a positive example of what honesty and ethics mean in my daily life.

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