Human Responsibility

The term responsibility refers to one’s ability to meet individual and societal requirements. The elements that determine human responsibility include freedom, self regulation, and submission to societal rules and regulations. Human responsibility also implies that every individual has some values, beliefs, and principles that guide behavior and actions. This also means that the responsibility is derived from the existence of some form of regulations, which interact with self freedom or self regulation. This study looks at the issues that determine responsibility

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Being Responsible

For one to be a responsible human being there is need to embrace the fact that responsibility is a human right. Responsibility as a human right outlines how one interacts with the societal requirements in order to attain human needs. A responsible human being can attain the needs by practicing self-discipline. An individual who exercises self-discipline is able to attain societal and individual requirements without any difficulties. Societal requirements not only include the rules and regulations in the society, but also include other issues such as family needs, environmental needs, values and adherence to God’s commandments. For instance, to achieve environmental responsibility, an individual should practice self regulation when using environmental resources.

Responsibility also requires an individual to embrace commitment. To ensure commitment, an individual should have predetermined goals and objectives that are related to particular tasks. Commitment determines whether one is able to achieve the desired goals and objectives. It also helps to modify behavior and actions of an individual to ensure that the requirements of a given task are met. Responsibility requires a person to be accountable for various actions and behaviors.

To be a responsible human being also requires an individual to be reliable and ensure consistency. Responsible individuals stick to a predetermined routine that guides them in doing different activities. Reliability and consistency are also very important elements that are used to win the trust and confidence of other people in the society.

Feeling Responsible

As a responsible individual, I have the obligation to feel reasonability for various things in the surrounding. For instance, I feel morally responsible to exhibit moral acceptable behaviors that are consistent with societal norms. I also feel responsible for the family issues to ensure that the family can rely on me for different needs. Moreover, I have the responsibility towards the environment and protection of natural resources. A responsible person should be ready to take care of individual needs and the issues that affect the immediate environment.

Feeling Irresponsible

It is difficult to feel responsible for issues that are beyond my control. For instance, it is difficult to uphold responsibility for natural calamities that affect the environment, which are beyond human control. I also do not feel responsible for issues that require contributions from different groups of people in the society

Responsibility and Issues outside Immediate Environment

The interaction with factors in the external environment extends one’s responsibility beyond the requirements of the internal environment. For instance, participation in community issues such as community based health programs require a sense of responsibility that goes beyond personal and family issues.

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The Things to Be Taken Seriously

The kinds of things to be taken seriously when dealing with responsibility are personal issues such as health, job, and education. Moreover, family issues are among the things that should be taken seriously. It is also important to show serious concern for issues affecting friends and relatives in the society.

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