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Hurricanes in South Florida

Hurricanes are a result of warm, moist air from the ocean surface rising swiftly and meeting with cooler air. This creates warm water vapor which condenses to generate storm clouds and rainfall. The condensation releases latent heat to warm the cool air above and causes it to rise and create way for warmer and more humid air from the ocean (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, n.d). The storm clouds start rotating and if the water is warm enough, the cycle continues, storm clouds and wind speed increase, and a hurricane forms. This paper demonstrates that climate change increases the risk of hurricanes, which causes significant damage to communities.

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The Impact of Hurricanes

Hurricanes can be destroyed to reduce the impact of their damage. This happens when strong upper level winds displace the warm temperatures above the storm’s eye and limit the vertical accent of air parcels. Therefore, intense winds prevent a hurricane from forming.

Scientists believe that the link between climate change and hurricanes has not yet been established. However, a rising sea level and warmer ocean temperatures increase their impact (Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, 2020). As global temperatures rise and tropics expand, the areas affected will shift poleward.

There are massive losses during hurricanes because of population growth and the presence of structures too close to the coast. Significant development in coastal areas, which is worth trillions of dollars in assets and infrastructure, is potentially damaged by hurricanes (Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, 2020). Therefore, unless they are prevented, they can cause much damage.

A permit in South Florida should only be granted once an inspector confirms various factors. This includes determining if the building is more than an eighth of a mile away from the coastline and whether there are flood management structures (Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, 2020). The inspector should determine if it will be elevated and has flood insurance and whether the building will be resilient against wind and flying debris.


Climate change increases the risk of hurricanes but scientists are still uncertain about their connection. However, it is apparent that hurricanes generate significant financial loss particularly in areas with a high degree of development activities. It is therefore critical to ensure that any potential development in hurricane-prone areas is initially assessed to ensure minimal damage occurs.


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