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Environmental Sustainability: Protection of the Surroundings


Sustainability is the avoidance of natural resource depletion to maintain biodiversity and ecological balance. It factors how people can protect the natural world surrounding them from destruction and damages. Over the years, civilization has been detrimental to the environment. This is because it utilizes plenty of resources, which are not renewable and viable. Developments at the present should focus on meeting needs without compromising future generations’ access to raw materials. Three pillars that contribute to sustainable development are economic development, environmental protection, and social development.

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Main body

The goal of sustainable development is to create a balance between the social, environmental, and economic needs of a person or community. A clean, healthy, and safe environment is important for everybody. This can be achieved through the reduction of poverty, pollution, unemployment, and poor housing. Activities that can spearhead the quest for sustainability include the planting of more trees, protection of resources and diversity, growing food organically, protecting the climate by using green energy, and the use of farm fodder for livestock.

To achieve sustainability, I will need to stop using firewood for cooking and embrace other environmentally friendly fuels. In addition, the utilization of the bicycle instead of a car as my common mode of transport is important. This is because it helps in reducing carbon footprint in the atmosphere (Jurjević et al., 2019). As a consumer, I should also be well informed about the process used in the manufacturing industry. Products from companies with non-sustainable measures should be avoided.

Carbon footprint issue

The carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide gas released to the environment as a result of the community or a person’s activity. If everyone in the world has a carbon footprint, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase. Consequently, this can lead to global climate change because of the increase in the earth’s temperature.

Technology to keep humanity’s environmental impact constant

In developed countries, bold environmental steps have been undertaken to protect the environment. For instance, the US cities have unveiled climate targets, sustainability road maps, and clean energy plans that will create a sustainable atmosphere in the future. In addition, small cities have already taken measures to reduce their environmental impacts through the implementation of sound policies and programs.

Industrialization is currently taking place in third-world countries as they strive to achieve European and American prosperity levels. This development is characterized by high pressure on natural resources and increased greenhouse gas emissions. This implies that developing nations require a relatively higher magnitude of change to achieve sustainability. For instance, billions of people in underdeveloped nations use fuel that has carbon intensity to cook and light up their homes. This is because they have no clean source of energy such as electricity and solar panels. Thus, a lack of sustainable power implies that much needs to be done to improve technology.


The use of few resources is key to accomplishing ecological balance. Thus, reusing resources and adopting developing technology is critical for improving the global environmental situation. For instance, emails instead of writing letters to pass information are commendable. In third-world countries, adopting sustainable agriculture will conserve resources for the future generation. In cities, sustainable production and consumption patterns should be embraced to hinder climate change. Generally, the reduction of population growth and pollution are critical to a sustainable future.

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Jurjević, Ž., Bogićević, I., Đokić, D., & Matkovski, B. (2019). Information technology as a factor of sustainable development of Serbian agriculture. Strategic Management, 24(1), 41-46.

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