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Hybrid Energy Harvesting System

Energy harvesting can be described as a process of deriving energy from external sources, such as the sun, thermal power, and the wind. This method of capturing and storing energy is considered safe for the environment, and therefore, is a promising innovation. The energy harvesting systems are the technology used for producing such power. The hybrid energy harvesting system, its advantages, and principles of operation are described further in the present paper.

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Solar and wind energy harvesting systems are the most widespread technologies used for producing power. The former derives energy from the sun; it consists of photovoltaic solar panels, which are set in a fixed position on structures and roofs. Maximum exposure of solar panels to the sun ensures the effectiveness of the process. At the same time, the panels accumulate dust, which makes the outcomes of their work less significant. The wind energy harvesting systems are massive turbines located far away from communities. The huge size and horizontal axis of the technology make the turbines inflexible. Therefore, the two systems have both advantages and disadvantages, and their combination may help maximize their effectiveness.

The hybrid energy harvesting system is proposed to minimize the deficiencies of solar and wind technologies. Its structure includes a vertical pole with solar panels, which catch the energy and rotate the pole. The rotation produces wind power since the whole system is designed as a wind turbine. A slip ring located at the foot of the pole serves for conducting solar energy produced by the panels. Moreover, the vertical design of the system makes it appropriate to be installed near communities.

The whole structure is designed to overcome the disadvantages of the fixed position of the solar panels and the horizontal axis of wind turbines. The main advantage of the HEH system is that its rotation and production of wind energy are enabled by solar power, which guarantees the maximum efficiency of the two technologies. Solar panels themselves serve as the blades of the wind turbine, which means that the sun and wind systems work both simultaneously and individually.

It is possible to make the following claims about the HEH and its principles of operation:

  1. The advantage of technology is that it ensures the continuous and simultaneous harvesting of solar and wind power. Moreover, these types of energy can also be harvested separately.
  2. The disadvantage of solar panels is their fixed position. However, in the HEH system, the rotation of the pole and solar panels attached to it maximizes the amount of captured solar energy. Moreover, the movement prevents solar panels from accumulating dust, which negatively affects their energy production capability.
  3. Compared to horizontal wind turbines, the HEH system takes less space and can be installed near communities. The cluster of the HEH systems near farms and houses may provide their self-energy sufficiency.
  4. The HEH system is easily transportable and can be mounted in different locations to enable maximum energy efficiency. The position of solar panels on the rotating pole is also adjustable, which makes the technology adaptable to the conditions of its location.

In conclusion, it is possible to say that the promoted hybrid energy harvesting system is a promising solution for maximizing solar and wind energy production. Besides solving the problems of solar panels’ fixed position and the large size of wind turbines, it guarantees both independent and simultaneous work of the two systems. Moreover, due to its transportability and flexible structure, it can be installed and adapted according to the community’s needs. Therefore, the hybrid harvesting system is an efficient energy source of the future.

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