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  1. How Wind Turbines Convert Wind Energy into Electrical Energy?
    This paper also provides broad explanation on how various parts of the turbine work together in enhancing conversion of wind energy into electrical energy.
  2. Usage of Alternative Energy
    Alternative energy is a term used to describe any source of energy that replaces the usage of fuel as the source of energy and they are deemed not to have the negative effects.
  3. Gas Price Increasing and Alternative Energy Sources
    The alternatives source of energy can be the best solution of energy demand. The energy, which are considering as an alternative to gas, are solar power, wind power, and biomass or bio-fuel etc.
  4. Renewable Energy Usage: Advantages and Disadvantages
    This treatise attempts to support the statement that there are both advantages and disadvantages to the use of renewable energy with focus on hydroelectric power.
  5. Managing Energy Demand in Abu Dhabi: Toward Sustainable City
    This paper seeks to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the Abu Dhabi energy needs situation, including making comparison with other international cities.
  6. US Energy Policy: Vulnerabilities and Challenges
    As the world’s need for energy continues to grow, the US government has to formulate a comprehensive strategy to secure energy resources.
  7. Energy Independence in the USA
    The United States is dependent on oil imports coming from politically unstable regions in the world. Energy independence is not yet possible because of several limitations.
  8. Green Energy and Carbon Capture
    Green energy is a useful strategy for providing sustainable energy for use in various economic sectors. Carbon capture and storage help to protect the environment.
  9. Industrial Fermentation as Energy Conversion
    One of the most common examples of employing fermentation in the industry is producing alcoholic drinks and dairy products. This type of energy conversion refers to anaerobic.
  10. Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air by MacKay
    In the book Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air, MacKay renders a range of topics related to the issue of energy source and the concept of renewable resources.
  11. Renewable Energy Sources: Definition, Types and Stocks
    This research report analyzes the growing interest of the use renewable energy as an alternative to the non-renewable energy.
  12. Energy Crisis and Climate Change
    The global community needs to adopt an energy efficient behavior and invest in the exploration of sustainable energy resources.
  13. Mega Energy Projects: China’s Solar Generator
    The China’s solar power mega project, which will be implemented in phases, is set to make a remarkable supplement in China total national energy production.
  14. Iran’s Nuclear Energy and Relations with Israel
    The fact that Iran has questioned the existence of Israel as Jews homeland and threatened to annihilate it has further complicated the issue.
  15. Helvie Energy Theory of Nursing and Health
    The objective of this paper is to pay specific attention to the concept of the environment, as viewed in the energy theory of health and nursing developed by Carl Helvie.
  16. The Future of Energy in California
    This essay describes the major sources of energy in California. A powerful energy conservation strategy is also identified in the paper.
  17. Renewable Energy Sources: Popularity and Benefits
    Renewable fuels are not as pollutive as fossil fuels; they can be reproduced quickly from domestic resources. They became popular because of the decreasing amount of fossil fuels.
  18. Sustainability and Energy Politics by G. Curran
    The paper analyzes the book “Sustainability and Energy Politics: Ecological Modernization and Corporate Social Responsibility” by Giorel Curran.
  19. Energy Efficiency and Economic Approaches
    This paper analyzes some of the economic approaches that can be applied to generate suitable models for efficient energy resource use.
  20. Renewable Energy Systems Group and Toyota Company
    The application of the Lean Six Sigma to the key company processes, creates prerequisites for stellar success, as the examples of Toyota and the Renewable Energy Systems Group have shown.
  21. Meteorology for Future Commodity and Energy Markets
    This paper discusses what meteorological trading opportunities will become more important in future commodity and energy markets.
  22. The Use of Renewable Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages
    Today’s world is dependent on electricity, which is supplied from many different sources such as fossils fuels which emit harmful gases that pollute the environment.
  23. Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources in Hawaii
    Nowadays, people all over the world consume energy and, that is why the industry which produces it is one of the most important ones in the modern world.
  24. Energy: What Everyone Needs to Know?
    The book “Energy: What Everyone Needs to Know” by Jose Goldemberg – a famous Brazilian physicist, research scientist, and scientific leader of the renewable energy community.
  25. Energy Drinks Effects and Changes in Heart Rate
    The increased consumption of energy drinks by young people makes health care practitioners and researchers focus on studying the effects of these beverages on the people’s health.
  26. Renewable Energy: Economic and Health Benefits
    The US should consider the adoption of renewable sources of energy, because of the high cost of using fossil fuels and expenses related to health problems due to pollution.
  27. Energy Management: Key Components
    The news about data centers’ possible switching to solar power relates to all the major components of energy management.
  28. Rockstar Energy Drink Marketing Research
    The paper provides a marketing research for Rockstar energy drink, reveals factors influencing the purchase of the product and studies global marketing presence.
  29. Sunburst Renewable Energy Corporation: Business Structuring
    The proposed Sunburst Renewable Energy Corporation will function on a captivating value statement in product strategy and customer relationships as the core instruments of sustainable operations.
  30. Biofuels and Fossil Fuels as Alternative Energy
    This paper compares and contrasts biofuels and fossil fuels and to evaluate whether biofuels can be considered as the alternative source of energy.
  31. Energy Consumption and Ecosystem Restoration
    Ecosystems, in general, act as filters of the environment. Cities include certain ecosystems into city planning documents since such systems act as “lungs” for the city.
  32. Renewable Energy Sources for Saudi Arabia
    This paper will provide background information on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its energy resources, and how it may become more modern and efficient.
  33. Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s Communication
    The present document will explore in detail the context of the communication plan for use by the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.
  34. Energy Infrastructure Management in the United States
    Energy assets in the US are predisposed to various vulnerabilities. Threats facing energy assets include natural disasters, danger related to industrial and technological issues.
  35. Installing Solar Panels to Reduce Energy Costs
    The purpose of the proposal is to request permission for research to install solar panels to reduce energy costs, which represent a huge part of the company’s expenses.

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  1. Household Energy Use and Poverty
    In many developing countries, as well as among disadvantaged populations of the industrial states, the lack or absence of energy for household use is an everyday reality.
  2. Energy Demand in Pakistan
    The introduction of nuclear energy in Pakistan will reduce its’ reliance on its neighbors since as the energy sources become depleted, any country that will depend on its neighbors risks the lives of citizens.
  3. Energy Demand and Political Will to Alternatives
    The study looks at alternative energy sources. The research focuses on world behavior, energy consumption demand, different theories, and political will to change to alternatives.
  4. Energy Consumption in Wireless Body Area Networks
    This essay seeks to present an extensive study of energy consumption technologies in WBANs. This is achieved through a concerted focus on power-efficient models.
  5. International Atomic Energy Agency
    This report elaborates on the usage of nuclear energy in the Global International Community rather than the creation of nuclear weapons as seen in Middle East countries.
  6. The Way Forward in the “Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air” by David Mackay
    “Sustainable Energy-Without the Hot Air” by David J. C. Mackay provides users with useful data on the way forward when it comes to sustainable energy.
  7. Promoting the Use of Green Energy in Emerging Economies
    This paper discusses the most reliable alternative energy sources that should be promoted in different parts of the world.
  8. Committee of Energy and Commerce’s Role in Healthcare
    Health care in the US is currently in crisis and soar the need for sustainable reform. One of the barriers on the way to meaningful changes is political polarization.
  9. Interactive Technologies in Weather and Energy Service Companies
    Modern weather and energy service companies significantly benefit from the wide use of digital technologies and innovative practices.
  10. Solar Energy and Its Impact on Environment
    The purpose of this paper is to determine the impact of solar energy on the environment. The major positive impact is the minimal emission of greenhouse gases.
  11. Quantum Energy Company’s Marketing Plan
    The present paper outlines a marketing plan for an up-and-coming fast-moving consumer goods company, Quantum Energy.
  12. Solar Power as the Best Source of Energy
    The concepts of environmental conservation and sustainability have forced many countries and organizations to consider the best strategies or processes for generating electricity.
  13. Activation Energy for Viscous Flow of Water, Acetone, Toluene, and o-Xylene
    The aim of the research was to investigate the hypothesis that the activation energy of a substance depends on intermolecular forces that arise in this substance.
  14. Determining Enthalpy of Combustion of a High-Energy Candy
    The purpose of this experiment was to determine the enthalpy of combustion of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in kilojoules using a bomb calorimeter.
  15. Sustainability of Energy Alternatives
    With growing concerns and evidence of global warming and the effects of climate change, significant attention has been shifted to alternative energy sources.
  16. Bio-Based Materials: Alternative Energy
    Cultivation of bio-based materials will not only encroach on the land meant for the cultivation of crops, but that crops will also be expensive, thus resulting in looming hunger.
  17. Bio-Based Materials as Alternative Energy
    The bio-based materials are products which main constituent consist of a substance, or substances, originally derived from living organisms.
  18. Energy for the Future: Discussion
    The peak oil theory was forwarded by Dr. M. King Herbert, who forecasted that the oil deposits of the world will start declining after reaching a maximum point of production.
  19. Energy-Efficient Area Monitoring for Wireless Sensor Network
    Wireless technology is one of the upcoming technology in the market which allows portability and connectivity from anywhere.
  20. Wind Energy as an Alternative Source
    While energy is a must for our survival, wind energy as a seemingly perpetual source of energy is the potential answer to the energy security of our generations to come.
  21. Energy Efficient Cars: Difficulties in Optimization
    The essay discusses the problem of optimizing the energy efficiency potential and reveals the universal classification of the automobile vehicles.
  22. Australian Stock Market Energy Sector: Investment Analysis
    The technical analysis aimed to help determine which stocks of the alternatives will give the most benefit. Analysis of five stocks under the Australian stock market energy sector.
  23. Energy Information Agency: Overview on Gasoline
    Gasoline is considered as one the most important commodity that surmised these days. It is the main ingredient in transportation, in industry and in household.
  24. Energy and the Economy. Oil Addiction in America
    In America, “addiction to oil” results in high oil prices and a unique structure of economy dependent upon crude oil.
  25. Chuck Plunkett “Prius Effect”: Energy Efficient Cars Harmful Effects on the Environment
    The main idea of the article is that energy-efficient cars made the light rail, which has harmful effects on the environment, less attractive for the passengers.
  26. Peak Oil and Texas’ Energy Future
    The concept of peak oil refers to situations regarding the reserves of oil in the world is limited and being gradually being depleted due to excessive use.
  27. The Problem of Energetic Supply in State Ohio
    The problem of energetic supply in state Ohio is a core element for many politics in order to gain stability in rational use and afterward recycling of energy inputs or fossil fuels, on the whole.
  28. Energy Conservation in the Environment
    There are so many undefined factors negatively affecting the environment. These are some of the things that make people to put their efforts in protecting the environment.
  29. Energy Saving Light Bulb Manufactures Ethical Issue
    Whether it is ethical for companies to continue manufacturing these bulbs which have a positive effect on the environment but a negative one on people’s health.
  30. Alternative Energy Sources: A Collaborative Approach in Water Management
    With the increasingly high prices of gasoline in particular and fossil fuels in general there is a need to find an alternative source of energy.
  31. Concept of Energy Consumption in Environmental Design
    Environmental concerns are not restricted to energy consumption, having other aspects to consider such as sustainability, recycling, eco-regulations.
  32. Alternative Energy Industry’s Competition Dynamics
    Understanding the level of competition in the industry by a company is very important as the level of profits depends to a large extent, the level of competition.
  33. Energy Safety and Earthquake Hazards Program
    The distribution of earthquakes around the world is not uniform. Some parts experience earthquakes frequently while others do not.
  34. GE Energy and GE Healthcare: Strategic Customer Relationships
    This article seeks to discuss the benefits of building strategic customer relationships for GE Energy and GE healthcare and their customers.
  35. Wind Works Ltd.: Wind Energy Development Methodology
    Wind Works Ltd, as the company, which provides the alternative energy sources, and makes them available for the wide range of the population needs to resort to a particular assessment strategies.

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  1. Alternative Energy Industry’s Profit Pools
    A profit pool is the total profits earned within an industry by all players and it extends to all players in the value chain.
  2. Energy Innovation Evolutionary Economics and Policies
    The use of innovative energy technology is influenced by insights into evolutionary economics. Through such insights, better policies can be formulated.
  3. Energy Consumption in Architecture and Environmental Design
    Energy conservation can be considered as one of the fundamentals of energy consumption in architecture and environmental designs.
  4. Business Models in the Alternative Energy Industry
    Alternative energy industry players have succeeded in developing a number of devices designed both to enhance and perpetuate in helping the public.
  5. Energy Deals Derailed by Obscure Accounting Rule: Enron Case
    The top-level management at Enron undertook one of the largest accounting scandals to have ever hit the corporate world resulting in the bankruptcy and dissolution of this company.
  6. Renewable Energy Programs in Five Countries
    Energy production is vital for the drive of the economy. The world at large should diversify the sources to reduce the over-usage of fossil energy that is a threat of depletion.
  7. Energy-Efficient Architecture and Environmental Design
    Energy consumption is an important aspect of architecture and environmental design, which is among the priorities when focusing on sustainability
  8. Change in Energy Crisis and Save of the Earth
    Basically, a battery is comprised of numerous electrochemical cells. In 1792, an Italian physicist by the name of Alessandro Volta came up with the first electrochemical cell.
  9. Nuclear Energy Used for Different Purposes
    Nuclear energy has been a very dubious concept since its very discovery and its introduction into the mass consumption environment.
  10. Energy Crisis: The Processes of Globalization and the Unification
    Applying approaches in the study of economic crises, it can be concluded that the cause of an energy crisis can be not only a shortage but also an excess of energy resources.
  11. Nextera Energy Culture and Reward Structure
    NextEra Energy’s adherence to a clan structure while rewarding rigid and numbers-based performance metrics has likely produced a pathological combination.
  12. The Sun as an Ultimate Source of Energy
    It has been hypothesized that if the sun disappeared all life would end. Other than the obvious drop in temperature would humans probably die if the sun suddenly stopped shining.
  13. Renewable Energy: Why Do We Need It?
    Renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, or hydropower can bring multiple environmental benefits and tackle the problems of climate change and pollution in several ways.
  14. A World With 100% Renewable Energy
    Large corporations, countries, and separate states have already transferred or put a plan into action to transfer to 100% renewable energy in a couple of decades.
  15. Biomass and Energy Crops and Technology
    Biomass energy is a more environmentally friendly form of energy when but the economic viability of its production still doesn’t measure up to fossil fuel production.
  16. Modern Energy Technologies Introduction to Developing Countries
    The ultimate goal of this marketing strategy would be to make new sources of energy affordable and attractive, not only to people but also to the government and local investors.
  17. Engineering: Power Management Techniques for Energy Efficiency
    The purpose of this article is to consider various methods for reducing power consumption in digital logic systems.
  18. Analysis of the Energy Consumption Coefficient
    In the article, the author analyzes the energy consumption standards of buildings and determines their dependence on the form factor and the enclosing surface of the building.
  19. Utilization of Solar Energy for Thermal Desalination
    The following research is set to outline the prospects of utilization of solar energy for thermal desalination technologies.
  20. Hybrid Energy Harvesting System
    The hybrid energy harvesting system, its advantages, and principles of operation are described in the present paper.
  21. Environmental & Economic Benefit Analysis of Methane Capture for Energy Generation
    Methane is a natural gas that is generated through the decomposition of organic matter by bacteria. This process is successfully completed when there is an absence of oxygen.
  22. Regeneration of Energy in Scotland
    This white paper looks at a project in Scotland to replace non-renewable energy sources that increase carbon levels in the atmosphere with renewable energy sources.
  23. Siemens Energy: Renewable Energy System
    Renewable energy technologies are methods of energy production that utilize naturally replenishable resources such as solar, wind, geothermal heat, and tides.
  24. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Utilization
    This paper aims at expounding the effectiveness of renewable energy and the utilization of energy efficiency in regard to climate change.
  25. The United Kingdom Energy and Emissions
    This paper analyses the impacts of fuel extraction and the legislations governing gas emissions in the United Kingdom (UK).
  26. Energy and Environmental Effect of the Pipeline Bust on the US Transportation
    The Alaskan pipeline traverses mountain terrain, several hundreds of waterways, fault lines, frost grounds, and migratory wildlife routes over a distance of 800miles.
  27. Unbundling Vertically Integrated Energy Companies: Benefits to Consumers
    This paper seeks to discuss the benefits that will accrue to the consumers as a result of the unbundling regulation.
  28. Advanced Nuclear Energy Options
    The report concerns advanced nuclear energy options and their implementation, adopting low-cost and safe non-emitting energy sources considering moral or ethical concerns.
  29. Increasing Gas Price and Alternative Energy Sources
    Fuel demand is increasing with the increase of population, so, an alternative source of energy can be the best solution for the future demand for fuel.
  30. Nuclear Energy: Advantages and Drawbacks
    This paper analyzes nuclear energy as a potential source of energy and its advantages and drawbacks. Nuclear energy is the ultimate solution to the current energy crisis.
  31. The Energy of Future in New Jersey
    The U.S. economy and life quality depend on sufficient amounts of energy, most of which are obtained utilizing fossil fuels.
  32. Work and Energy Forms in Physics
    The potential energy (PE) and kinetic energy (KE) of an object increase when positive work is done on it when there is no friction present.
  33. Extreme Scenarios: The Issue of Energy Resources Shortage
    Imagine that you cannot use electricity or get fuel for your car because these energy resources are no longer available.
  34. Energy Crisis and Methods of Countering It
    The standard definition of an energy crisis is a state of the economy in which the energy demand is significantly higher than the supply.

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  1. Are Alternative Energy Sources the Answer to Ending Human Dependence on Oil?
  2. Does Energy Consumption Affect Economic Development?
  3. Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?
  4. What Are the Barriers and Incentives for Community-Owned Means of Energy Production and Use?
  5. Are Biofuels the Answer to the Energy Question?
  6. How Can Alternative Energy Be Harnessed Effectively?
  7. Can Wind Energy Enable the US to Become Energy Independent?
  8. Does Energy Consumption Contribute to Climate Change?
  9. Are Green Electricity Certificates the Way Forward for Renewable Energy?
  10. Can Nuclear Energy Contribute to the Transition Toward a Low-Carbon Economy?
  11. How Can Political Geography Make Sense of Energy Policy?
  12. Are Building Codes Effective at Saving Energy?
  13. Does Energy Efficiency Reduce Emissions and Peak Demand?
  14. Can Nuclear Energy Stimulates Economic Growth?
  15. What Drives the Development of Renewable Energy Technologies?
  16. Are Dark Energy and Dark Matter Different Aspects of the Same Physical Process?
  17. Does Financial Development Increase Energy Consumption?
  18. Are Renewable Energy Policies Climate-Friendly?
  19. How Important Are Current Energy Mix Choices on Future Sustainability?
  20. Can China’s Energy Intensity Constraint Policy Promote Total Factor Energy Efficiency?
  21. Should the UK Defense Strategy Support Future Energy Security?
  22. Are the Energy Efficiency Technologies Efficient?
  23. Does Green Energy Supplies Enough for Our Life?
  24. Who Are the Players in the Sustainable Energy Market and What Are They Doing?
  25. Can Declining Energy Intensity Mitigate Climate Change?
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