Creating My Ideal State with Presidential System


The targeted country has been characterized by civil unrest and a dictatorial leadership style. A new opportunity for democratic leadership has emerged after the end of the past regime. This paper begins by describing the domestic concerns that need to be addressed and the best measures to achieve positive results, such as governance styles and essential principles, branches of the government, economic structure, and processes for socializing citizens. It goes further to discuss the major foreign issues that should be tackled immediately.

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Domestic Concerns

The absence of democratic leadership in this country explains why there is a need for a proper style. My preferred model is that of a presidential system. This means that there will be ahead of government in charge of the executive. Several principles will define this kind of leadership. For instance, the government will have several bodies that play significant responsibilities of maintaining checks and balances. The central government will be subdivided into these three groups: legislature, executive, and judiciary. Borrowing a lot from the concept of separation of powers, these branches will undertake specific roles to maintain checks and balances (Haddadi, 2015). The legislature will formulate laws and support the promulgation of a new Constitution. The judiciary’s role will be to interpret laws, provide justice, and ensure that the formulated Constitution is upheld by all. The executive branch will provide leadership and monitor specific functions.

Several domestic public good programs will be established to empower the people after many years of poor leadership. The first one will be that of health and it will be supported using funds from the taxpayer. The legislature will formulate policies and guidelines to ensure that all people have access to proper and timely medical services (Hassan, 2015). The second program will be aimed at promoting security since it remains a major issue in this country. Through an act of parliament, the public initiative will ensure that all regions have competent policemen.

The current status of this country requires that a proper economic structure is put in place. The most appropriate one should be market-oriented if it is to deliver positive results. With the provision of adequate resources and funds, private businesses and enterprises will thrive. Business firms and agricultural-based entities will be empowered to make appropriate decisions while the central government will purchase critical products that can fulfill the needs of the public (Hassan, 2015). This system will create a free market that supports the development of the entire economy.

Several measures will be essential to promote the socialization of citizens. This will be achieved using different institutions that are critical in every community. These will include religious bodies, schools, legal systems, and national media outlets. These tools will ensure that more people are informed, educated, and sensitized about the importance of having a developed country (Virta & Branders, 2016). They will appreciate the importance of promoting peace, focusing on issues that matter, and tackling personal differences.

Foreign Concerns

The outstanding foreign concerns for this country revolve around economics and security. The best international organizations to ensure that these challenges are tackled include the United Nations (UN) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The UN focuses on the security and national peace of its member states. It fosters the best relationships among different states, thereby promoting international cooperation. The IMF allows member states to cooperate, secure the stability of their economies, promote trade and employment, and deliver sustainable development. The rationale behind selecting the UN is that it offers appropriate incentives for pursuing both security and regional peace (Haddadi, 2015). The IMF presents opportunities for engaging in international trade, improving employment rates, and allocating resources for specific national projects.

The procedure for any country to join the UN is quite simple. My nation will begin by applying to the Secretary-General and writing a letter detailing its willingness to accept the obligations of the UN charter. The Security Council will then consider the application for rejection or approval (Haddadi, 2015). For the IMF, the country will request membership by the outlined guidelines. All member states will vote to approve or reject the application.

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The issue of the terrorism threat in this country requires a coordinated effort and strategy. The first way to combat both the domestic threat and that from the neighboring country is to strengthen security organs. There are two ways in which this effort will be effective. Firstly, the agencies will tackle any form of crime inside the country and across the borders. Secondly, it will institute powerful mechanisms for preventing unrest or terrorist acts in the future. The second approach is promoting the concept of national socialization (Virta & Branders, 2016). The first way in which this effort will be effective is that it will ensure that those living near the country’s borders are willing to report any unfamiliar activity. The second one is that more people will be willing to abandon crime and report every radical group.


A presidential system of governance is the most appropriate model for taking the identified country to the next level. The principle of separation of powers will ensure that every project tackles these critical challenges: insecurity and economic stagnation. The introduction of effective structures will promote socialization. The decision to join the IMF and the UN will create the best environment for promoting security and improving economic performance.


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