XY Country: Creating My Ideal State

XY is a developing country located in North America. Despite attaining independence more than five decades ago, this country has been experiencing years of war, including economic and political crises, which have hindered its progress. One of the barriers to development in this economy is the prevailing dictatorship. As a result, citizens and other interested stakeholders successfully overthrew its long-serving and anti-development leader and elected me as the current President.

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This paper offers an all-inclusive plan for my new government because the former one had no functional economic, military, and political structures. The plan presented includes my administration style, the functions of various branches of government, and the policies that guide leaders. The framework also indicates strategies for preserving public good, the most valuable economic systems for my citizens, at least two local initiatives, mechanisms for creating national harmony, methods of fighting terrorism and violence, and the scope of international organizations’ operations.

Domestic Concerns

My administration will uphold the democratic governing style. This strategy embraces two important principles, namely, ensuring the political impartiality of all citizens and the regime’s embracement of the rule of law. The style recognizes the role of a country’s population in enhancing development-based agendas. The plan presents three arms of government, namely, the executive, legislative, and judiciary.

The legislative branch will focus on lawmaking while the executive body will implement various regulations (Hulse, 2016). The judiciary branch will primarily handle legal matters, including voting. The above branches embrace democracy because they create room for public participation. Market integration is one of the domestic programs that I will develop to enhance financial stability, which is a critical public good. Another program will entail the creation of a defense framework that will be deployed to restore peace.

The plan embraces the capitalist economic structure, which has been confirmed effective in countries such as the USA (Wooldridge & Greenspan, 2018). This system should be adopted in my government because it gives citizens the freedom to select what they wish to consume. It also enhances the effectiveness of economics by allowing the production of what is needed, as opposed to manufacturing excess goods, which may result in wastage and deteriorated financial growth.

My administration is currently experiencing disunity, as evidenced by the prevailing conflicts characterized by bombings, assassinations, and the murdering of civilians. Creating a culture of socialization among citizens is expected to restore unity. Socializing citizens will create national unity because of the anticipated culture of free interaction and widespread business activities. One of the methods to use to achieve this goal entails the development of social group agents. This strategy restores national unity by helping citizens to share expectations and implement norms such as hard work and respect for government authorities.

Foreign Concerns

A country that is characterized by insecurity issues, including terrorism, may not achieve a remarkably performing economic system unless it invests in various international agencies. Firstly, the country will need to be a member of the United Nations (UN) if it wishes to win the war against terrorist-related activities. This body, which was established in 1945, has been resourceful in ensuring global harmony among member countries.

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The rationale for joining this agency is founded on my government’s willingness to allow the UN to work in partnership with its political systems to enhance conflict resolution through strategies, including precautionary international relations and mediation. Countries that wish to be part of the UN are required to demonstrate their capacity to comply with the obligations stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations (Gould & Rablen, 2016). Once they pass this step, they are allowed to benefit from the agency’s peace programs.

Secondly, to advance economically, my government will need to become a part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This agency was founded more than five decades ago. Its goal is to help countries devastated by conflicts to regain prosperity and financial stability (Andrašić, Kalaš, Mirović, Milenković, & Pjanić, 2018). The financial performance of XY has been declining due to the evident lack of peace, increasing cases of assassinations, and deaths among civilians. Hence, being a member of the OECD will be appropriate to address the above issues. Joining the OECD requires interested countries to apply for membership. Once approved through an invitation, a country is bound to benefit from the organization’s global initiatives.

One of the ways my government will combat terrorist threats from its neighbors involves the use of border patrols whereby no foreign individuals will be allowed to enter it unless proper documentation of the mission to be accomplished is ascertained. Another strategy will entail consistent monitoring of suspected terrorists from the neighboring countries. To combat domestic threats, security will be enhanced to ensure unauthorized people are not found possessing terrorist-related equipment.

Regular frisking of citizens will also be done to confirm that people do not carry tools such as bombs and grenades, which are associated with terrorism. The above strategies will be effective in two ways. Firstly, the number of deaths due to terrorist attacks will reduce. Secondly, weapons will be limited to authorized people because they will not be smuggled from outside neighboring countries.


As the newly elected President, I have the mandate of ensuring that XY develops financially and politically. The comprehensive plan presented in this paper indicates the strategies I will deploy to address domestic and foreign issues that have hindered the progress of this country. Its proper implementation will result in a financially stable and peaceful economy. This goal will be achieved if collaboration is enhanced between it and international agencies, including the UN and the OECD.


Andrašić, J., Kalaš, B., Mirović, V., Milenković, N., & Pjanić, M. (2018). Economic modeling of tax impact on economic growth: Panel evidence from OECD countries. Economic Computation & Economic Cybernetics Studies & Research, 52(4), 211-226. Web.

Gould, M., & Rablen, M. (2016). Equitable representation in councils: Theory and an application to the United Nations Security Council. Public Choice, 169(1/2), 19-51. Web.

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