65 Dance Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Dance

  1. The Chinese Dragon Dance and Lion Dance
    Both the Dragon Dance and the Lion Dance have shaped considerably. The Lion Dance was transformed into another fertility fest, while for the Dragon Dance, a female version was provided.
  2. African Ritual Dance Style
    Cultural significance of people is depicted in the trends in art. Thus, to understand the inner world of African people, it is essential to consider their style of dancing.
  3. The Igbo Dance Positioning in Nigerian Culture
    The culture of the Nigerian people embraces Igbo dance not only as a traditional ritual but as the critical means of communication as well.
  4. Belly Dance in Russia
    Foreign dance classes have become popular in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The paper, in general, is aimed to pinpoint various nature of the Belly Dance in Russia.
  5. Belly Dance, Its History and Movements
    The belly dance is a highly recognizable as well as strikingly pervasive form of dance in Western popular culture.
  6. Belly Dance and Western Culture
    The paper regards belly dance as a way of artistic expression and its increase in popularity shows the growing thoughts of the society regarding self-expression.
  7. Dancer Job’s Benefits and Jeopardies
    Dancing is one of the most captivating professions in the world. Find more information about this job to decide whether you are ready to become a dancer.
  8. Swing Dance in History and Modern Trends
    The development of jazz became one of the prerequisites for the birth and spread of swing, which, in turn, changed the idea of dance freedom.
  9. The Language of Dance in the “La La Land” Movie
    The purpose of this paper is to describe how movement is used to portray the intention and theme of the movie La La Land.
  10. Art and Dance Movement Therapy: Personal Experience
    This paper covers such concepts as art and dance therapy as well as personal experience in applying dance as a therapeutic practice.
  11. Dance Movement Therapy Review
    The term ‘dance movement therapy’ refers to the use of movement in improving the mental and physical health of a person.
  12. Riverdance: The History of the Dance, Features
    Riverdance is a dance performance with steps from traditional Irish step dancing. The main feature of this performance is only quick movements in the legs of the performers.
  13. Ballroom Dance: History and Characteristics
    Ballroom dances are performed in pairs in social gatherings as well as on competitive stages. Different types of dances are included in this ballroom dance.
  14. Hawaiian Dance: Hula Dance Styles
    Hula or Hawaiian dance is the soul of Hawaii depicted in motion and its initial performance is traced to the goddess performances, which makes it holly.
  15. Ballet Dance: ‘Early Works’ Created by Rosa
    The title of the dance was ‘Early Works,’ created by Rosa, a ballet dance company belonging to Ann Teresa De Keersmaeker.
  16. Kathakali Dance Theater Overview
    The history, performance style, music, and appearance of the actors are unique to the Kathakali theatre, and it awakes the interest in it from the people around the globe.
  17. Technology Influence on the Art of Dance
    It is fair to claim that dancing has applied technologies throughout history, but people no longer call costumes and decorations innovative.
  18. Classical Ballet and Modern Dance: Swan Lake vs. Night Journey
    Swan Lake and Night Journey are both interdisciplinary since they represent a special communication tool for society and capture some historical aspects.
  19. Music, Art, and Dance of Latino Culture Group
    This paper will present the music, art, and dance features of the Latino Culture Group and discuss the peculiarities of these diverse yet united directions.
  20. Cultural Identity in Yamauchi’s And the Soul Shall Dance and Tan’s Two Kinds Plays
    In the play And the Soul Shall Dance, Yamauchi provides an overview of the life of Japanese immigrants in the United States.
  21. Art, Music, and Dance
    Art is a distinctive map of the success of all humankind. It shows how people developed in different eras, how their perception of the world collapsed, changed, and was built again

🎓 Most Interesting Dance Research Titles

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  1. Creating and Enriching Cultural Awareness Through Music and Dance
  2. 1930s Depression Era: Dance Marathons
  3. The Origin and History of Backbreaking as an African American Dance Style
  4. Changing Dance Audience Desires Through Media and Dance Literacy: A Strategy to Reducing Health Problems in Dancers
  5. Bharatanatyam: Classical Indian Dance Form
  6. Embeddedness and Locational Choices: A Study of Creative Workers in a Dance Organization
  7. Different Dance Forms During 18th Century in France
  8. Abstracting Dance: Detaching Ourselves From the Habitual Perception of the Moving Body
  9. Canadian Modern Dance: Anna Wyman Dance Theatre
  10. The Positive and Negative Effects of Dance on the Body
  11. Being Culturally Responsive While Teaching Dance
  12. Ceremonial Dance Masks of the Oceanic and the African Culture
  13. Audience Entrainment During Live Contemporary Dance Performance: Physiological and Cognitive Measures
  14. Static Balance and Dynamic Balance Related to Rotational Movement in Ballet Dance Students
  15. Chorographic Fusion Between Contemporary Dance and Indigenous Movement in Bangarra Dance Theatre
  16. Alvin Ailey’s Socio-Cultural Influence on Dance
  17. Collective Identity and Dance in Modern Urban Society
  18. Bollywood Dance Movies and Indian American Identity Formation
  19. Engaging With Contemporary Dance: What Can Body Movements Tell Us About Audience Responses?
  20. Dance Therapy Application and Benefits as a Psychotherapy Method
  21. Michael Jackson’s Influence on Modern Dance
  22. Electrical Brain Activity and Its Functional Connectivity in the Physical Execution of Modern Jazz Dance

💡 Simple Dance Essay Ideas

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  1. Expressive Ballet: Revolutionary Dance Style
  2. The History and Use of Pantomime in Theatrical Dance From Ancient Greece to Ballet D’Action
  3. Karate and Dance Training to Improve Balance and Stabilize Mood in Patients With Parkinson’s Disease
  4. Ice Dance for Those Who Love a Challenge
  5. Street Dance: Frolic Progress Towards Unity Amidst Diversity
  6. The Dancing Brain: Structural and Functional Signatures of Expert Dance Training
  7. Evolution and Commercialization of Irish Dance
  8. Speaking Through the Movement of Dance
  9. How the Recent Financial Recession Has Affected the Arts and Dance Industry
  10. The Role and Benefits of Dance as a Therapy for the Treatment of Mental Illness
  11. Incorporating Dance Into One’s Life as a Means of Finding Depth and Beauty
  12. Flamenco Dance, Culture, and Techniques as Ties Between Marius Petipa’s “Don Quixote”, Georges Bizet’s “Carmen”, and Carlos Saura’s “Carmen”
  13. Recontextualizing Dance Skills: Overcoming Impediments to Motor Learning and Expressivity in Ballet Dancers
  14. Isadora Duncan and Modern Dance Drama
  15. The Controversy Surrounding Music and Dance in the Religious Community
  16. 1970s American Culture and the Impact on Dance
  17. Form and Factors Affecting the Development of Gayong Otar-Otar Dance in the Malay Community of Terengganu, Malaysia
  18. Successful Strategies for Teaching Dance
  19. German Born, Hanya Holm, and the Pioneers of Modern Dance
  20. The Connection Between Traditional Indian Dance and Contemporary Women’s Expression
  21. How the Environment Affects the Viewing of the Dance
  22. Postmodern Dance and Its Influences on Partner Dance in the 1960s and 1970s
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