85 Drug Abuse Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Drug Abuse

  1. Adolescent Drug Abuse, Their Awareness and Prevention
    This essay provides a critique of an article written by Chakravarthy, Shah, and Lotfipour about adolescent drug abuse prevention interventions.
  2. Crisis of Chemical Dependence: Drug Abuse
    Drug abuse mainly begins during teenage. The first part of this essay discusses social and cultural determinants of substance abuse. The second part focuses on the dynamics of addiction.
  3. Minimizing Prescription Drug Abuse in Oklahoma
    Over the past few years, the rates of prescription drug abuse in Oklahoma have grown impressively. The issue must be addressed by raising awareness via modern media.
  4. Drug Abuse among Teenagers Causes and Effects
    Millions of youths are seriously engaging in drug and substance abuse posing a threat to the future generation.
  5. Drug Abuse, HIV/AIDS, and Songs on Social Issues
    Drug abuse and HIV/AIDS are some of the major social issues affecting society today. Songs have been used in raising awareness about social issues that affect the world.
  6. Drug Abuse Among Homeless People in Miami
    This paper aims to better assess the disaster of drug abuse among homeless people in Miami, and develop ways to counter this issue.
  7. Drug Abuse Treatment in Nursing
    Jenny G., a 48-year-old recovering IV drug abuser, presents with general malaise, anorexia, abdominal pain, and slight jaundice. She is currently staying in a women’s shelter and looking for a job.
  8. Fear Appeal in Anti-Drug Abuse Public Campaign
    The problem of prescription drug abuse has become a crucial concern for Florida residents. The public campaign proposes raising awareness about the dangers of prescription drugs.
  9. Drug Abuse and Its Effects on Families
    Because of the lack of control that a substance abuse patient has over their actions, families of the people that develop chemical dependency are under constant threat.
  10. Drug Abuse Case: Jenny G
    This paper present the case of drug abuse. Jenny G., a 48-year-old recovering IV drug abuser, presents with general malaise, anorexia, abdominal pain, and slight jaundice.
  11. Psychotherapy and Counseling for Drug Abuse Treatment
    Drugs are the biggest vice of humanity, along with the mental and moral deviations, horrible diseases of modern times, social neglect and abuse it causes and goes along with.
  12. Drug Abuse Among Teenagers
    Before analyzing the causes of addiction among teenagers, we have to look at this issue from sociological point of view.
  13. Drug Abuse and Crime Correlation
    The correlation between drug use and crimes go, most prisoners said they commit crimes for obtaining money for drugs, so drugs are the motivation.
  14. Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction and Various Policies Related to Drugs
    The harm reduction policy is concerned with reducing or minimizing the risks that are accrued to drug abuse in various societies.
  15. A Health Issue Analysis: Prescription Drug Abuse
    Prescription drug abuse is one of the acutest problems of healthcare systems in the USA. In the past decade, the rate of deaths due to prescription drug overdose grew by 142%.
  16. The Problem of Prescription Drug Abuse in the United States
    Prescription drug abuse is a serious health concern that causes an overdose crisis in the United States. There are determinants such as social, economic, and healthcare-related issues.
  17. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the Workplace
    Alcohol and drug abuse is one of the major causes of accidents in the workplace. Random alcohol and drug tests would discourage employees of organization from abusing alcohol or drugs.
  18. The Theme of Drug Abuse in Egan’s Book
    In her novel “A Visit from the Goon Squad”, Jennifer Egan discusses a number of problems of modern society. Among them is the problem of drug abuse.
  19. Adolescent Drug Abuse: Diagnosis and Cultural Awareness
    The paper examines the effect of amphetamine on human and, as a consequence, the development of mental illness, namely, mood disorder.
  20. The Issue of Drug Abuse in the Community of Kinsburg
    This paper aims to research the community of the city of Keansburg, located in the state of New Jersey and its issue of substance abuse.
  21. Drug Abuse: Impaired American Society
    The history of American society as far as drug abuse is concerned has had a dark past where drugs and alcohol were considered a lifestyle.
  22. Drug Abuse and Criminal Justice
    The purpose of this article is to use conflict theory to analyze how race, class, and gender affect drug abuse and crime in the United States.
  23. Drug Abuse and Addiction: Risk Factors
    People with drug abuse issues have enhanced motivation to take drugs, increased probability of reacting to stress, emotional dysregulation, and impaired self-control.
  24. Juvenile Drug Abuse Problems Analysis
    This essay describes the problem of juvenile drug use and applies the relevant delinquency theory. Additionally, the interventions or programs to fix the issue will be highlighted.
  25. Drug Abuse Factors: Substance Use Disorder
    The various reasons for the abuse of opioids, alcohol, and nicotine account for the challenge in research and treatment.

🎓 Most Interesting Drug Abuse Research Titles

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  1. Drug Abuse Among Adolescents and Behavior Therapy
  2. Pharmacists and Prescription Drug Abuse
  3. Drug Abuse and the Elderly
  4. American Drug Abuse McCuen and Winkler
  5. Prescription Drugs and Drug Abuse in the United
  6. Drug Abuse Has Become a Real Problem
  7. Combating Combat Drug Abuse at Australian Music Festivals
  8. Drug Abuse and Prevention
  9. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Are The Most Common Issues of Today‘s
  10. Drug Abuse and Adolescent Risky Behavior
  11. Drug Abuse Hazards Across the Board in Fiji
  12. Drug Abuse Sociological and Psychological Causative Factors
  13. Nurses and Drug Abuse
  14. Drug Abuse and Smoking in Our Society
  15. Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970
  16. Drug Abuse and Addiction Among Teenagers
  17. Neuroticism and Drug Abuse
  18. Drug Abuse and Its Effects on the World
  19. Drug Abuse and Its Effects on Other Members of Society
  20. Crime and Drug Abuse
  21. Drug Abuse Among American Teenagers
  22. Adolescent Drug Abuse and Alcohol
  23. Drug Abuse and Heroin Epidemic
  24. Addiction and Opioid Use for Drug Abuse
  25. Drug Abuse Within Teens in Hazleton
  26. Past and Current Trends of Drug Abuse
  27. Emergency Medical Services and Drug Abuse Among the Personnel
  28. Impetus Toward Drug Abuse
  29. Drug Abuse Among Professional Athletes
  30. Drug Abuse and Treatment Centers in Afghanistan

💡 Simple Drug Abuse Essay Ideas

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  1. Physiological and Behavior Effects on Drug Abuse
  2. Psychological and Physical Aspects of Drug Abuse in Adolescent
  3. Drug Abuse Among College Students
  4. Alcoholism and Prescription Drug Abuse and the Elderly
  5. Drug Abuse Within University Students in Ottawa
  6. Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse in the United States
  7. Capitalism, Drug Abuse, and the American Dream
  8. Drug Abuse, Prison and Justice in Hungary
  9. Facts About Drug Abuse Ireland
  10. Drug Abuse Limbic System
  11. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Causes Domestic Violence
  12. Drug Abuse and Its Effects on a Person’s Behavior
  13. Drug Abuse During Central Ohio
  14. Drug Abuse Among Health Care Professionals
  15. Medication Addiction and Drug Abuse Problems
  16. Drug Abuse Among Teenagers in Malaysia
  17. Juvenile Delinquents and Drug Abuse
  18. Factors That Are Associated With Women and Drug Abuse
  19. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: The Pressures and Temptations of a Teenager
  20. Athletes’ Motivation for Performance-Enhancement Drug Abuse
  21. Drug Abuse and the Drug Industry
  22. Adolescent Drug Abuse and Its Effects
  23. American Universities, Colleges, Drug Abuse and Effects
  24. Alcohol and Drug Abuse During Pregnancy
  25. Juveniles and Drug Abuse in America
  26. Drug Abuse and Schizophrenia
  27. Drug Abuse and Its Effects on the Health and Choice of Lifestyle
  28. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: Roots, Effects, and Prevention
  29. Drug Abuse and the Views of Saint Augustine, Aristotle, and Plato
  30. Drug Abuse and Addiction Among America
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