78 Facebook Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Facebook

  1. Communications: Facebook Social Media Platform
    Facebook refers to a social network that allows people to share information online. This paper focuses on discussing Facebook as an important tool for advertising and its effectiveness.
  2. Social Networking Site Facebook
    Facebook is a good social networking site for it allows its users to connect with friends, learn new cultures and share and/or solve some health-related issues.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Creation History
    Zuckerberg is an extraordinary person who has not only changed the world but as well positively influenced the way the world communicates.
  4. Facebook and Twitter in Arab Cyberactivism
    Social activists have relied no both Facebook and Twitter in recent years to organize and execute demonstrations against egalitarian regimes in the Arab world.
  5. Facebook App Under Experiential Contextual Inquiry
    This paper analyzes the application of the method of experiential contextual inquiry in the expert evaluation and evaluates the mobile application (Facebook).
  6. Entrepreneurial Collaboration with Facebook
    The paper will support the launch of a new IT entrepreneurial project. The venture will perform in collaboration with Facebook, one of the Fortune 500 enterprises.
  7. Unified Registration in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
    There is a need to integrate the registration service among Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, so when registered on one of them, one can use the others with the same profile.
  8. Facebook Inc.’s Leadership Practices
    One can distinguish several leadership practices adopted on Facebook. They are advocated by Mark Zuckerberg, who is the current CEO of this corporation.
  9. Facebook’s Social Media Algorithms Study Arguments
    The article “The algorithmic imaginary: exploring the ordinary affects of Facebook algorithms” discusses user experience with social network algorithms.
  10. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Influence on Activism and Revolution
    Social media’s impact on the progress of social activism and revolution on the world stage is vital, as it provides the free exchange of data among unlimited numbers of persons.
  11. Facebook Critique: “With Friends Like These…” by Tom Hodgkinson
    Tom Hodgkinson, in “With Friends Like These…”, is sceptical about the validity of Facebook’s business model as well as the motives behind its institution.
  12. Facebook Platform, Business Model and Goals
    In 2006, the CEO Zuckerberg turned down an acquisition offer of one billion dollars from Yahoo! with the claim that he could see Facebook going far on its own.
  13. Facebook: Advertising and Its Effectiveness
    Facebook refers to a social network that allows people to share information online. One becomes a user after they sign up and add a personal profile.
  14. Emotional Contagion in Facebook: Psychological Research
    The experiment was intended to research the ability of individuals to change their emotional state depending on the indicators used by their peers.
  15. Facebook Company’s Marketing Development Plan
    This paper has presented key tenets of a marketing plan that should be considered by Facebook for adoption to increase its market share among users who are under 25 years.
  16. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in Activism and Revolution
    This paper will analyze the role of social media’s influence (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) in activism and revolution on the world stage.
  17. Strategic Analysis of Facebook
    This paper has explored the significant aspects that constitute Facebook company’s operation. The company benefits from its market share in the social networking industry.
  18. Analysis of Facebook and Pintor Oral Contract
    Pintor has no legal reasons and cannot enforce his contract with Facebook. This essay proved that Facebook had a legal prerequisite for terminating the contract.
  19. Facebook’s Privacy Issues and Unethical Business Practice
    Due to the history of Facebook’s unethical business practices concerning user privacy issues, it is essential to discuss the possible reason for the company’s negligence.
  20. Community Health Education Campaign in Facebook
    Facebook should be viewed as the option for the New York City STD/HIV Prevention Training Center to consider as a means of enlightening people about the issue of STD.
  21. Ethical Issue Facing Facebook in Australia
    The political arena is the major ethical issue facing Facebook in Australia. It has a direct influence on the business operation as well as organizational manifestation.
  22. “Small Change” and “The Facebook Dilemma “ Comparison
    The paper compares Gladwell’s article “Small Change” and the documentary The Facebook Dilemma about the role of new online media channels in social change.
  23. Instagram vs. Facebook as Social Media Platforms
    The two overlapping social media sites, Facebook and Instagram, have stark differences in users’ age, the scope of engagement, and business marketing strategy.
  24. Physical Attractiveness and Political Affiliation in Facebook Friend Acceptance
    Facebook is still one of the leading social networks. This application allows people to interact at various levels.
  25. Will the Facebook’s Social Audio Products Succeed
    Facebook has introduced Social Audio products to engage us in new ways, including soundbites, podcasts, and Facebook Live Audio Rooms, which are a great competitor to Clubhouse.
  26. Facebook Keeps Growing Manipulative
    The use of Facebook has become so integral to our routine that we do not notice how it happens. The threat of manipulation rests.
  27. A Legal or Ethical Obligation of Facebook to Assist a Crime Victim
    Platforms like Facebook should have a moral obligation to assist crime victims as soon as possible after gathering information from its members.
  28. Facebook and Companies Acquired by Zuckerberg
    The problems of Facebook and companies acquired by Zuckerberg are the protection of data and privacy, manipulation of behavior, lack of personal accountability by the executives.

🎓 Most Interesting Facebook Research Titles

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  1. The Issue Surrounding Facebook and How It Affects Teenage Sex and Health
  2. Children’s Facebook Usage: Parental Awareness, Attitudes, and Behavior
  3. Facebook Against Google and Microsoft in E-Commerce Strategy
  4. Into the Digital Wild: Utilizing Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for Effective Science and Environmental Communication
  5. Applying Social Interactionism Paradigm to Facebook
  6. Social Media Under the Skin: Facebook Use After Acute Stress Impairs Cortisol Recovery
  7. How Facebook and Social Media Have Had an Impact on American Culture
  8. Facebook Friendships: Appropriate With Teachers?
  9. Like What You Like or Like What Others Like? Conformity and Peer Effects on Facebook
  10. Exploring the Relationship Between Facebook and Self-Esteem Among Students
  11. Facebook Addiction and Aggression: Is There a Profound Relation?
  12. Customer Loyalty Through Social Networks: Lessons From Zara on Facebook
  13. Facebook: Motives for Use and Effects on Personality
  14. Seeking Personal Autonomy Through the Use of Facebook in Iran
  15. Are People Ore Free to Express Their Opinions on Controversial Topics on Twitter Versus on Facebook?
  16. Facebook: Exploiting Loneliness and the Fear of Being Alone
  17. Relationship Between Need for Belongingness and Facebook Addiction: Mediating Role of Number of Friends on Facebook
  18. Engaging Fans and the Community in Social Media: Interaction With Institutions of Higher Education on Facebook
  19. Flow Experience and Self-Traits as Antecedents of Facebook Addiction: Factorial Validity of the Daily Facebook Addiction Scale
  20. Facebook’s Non-Compliance With Canadian Privacy Laws
  21. Social Media and Academic Performance: Does the Intensity of Facebook Activity Relate to Good Grades?
  22. Associating Facebook Measurable Activities With Personality Traits: A Fuzzy Sets Approach
  23. How Facebook Addiction Affects the Lives of Teenagers
  24. Facebook Use and Individual Well-Being: Like Me to Make Me Happier
  25. Redefining Face With Facebook and Extrinsic Motivation

💡 Simple Facebook Essay Ideas

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  1. Asking for Facebook Logins: An Egoist Case for Privacy
  2. How Facebook Becomes the World’s Biggest Social Network Platform
  3. Facebook vs. Google: The Battle for Internet Dominance
  4. Can Facebook Ads and Email Messages Increase Fiscal Capacity?
  5. Facebook-To-Facebook: Online Communication and Economic Cooperation
  6. Building Your Personal Presence on Facebook
  7. Online Social Networking and Trade Union Membership: What the Facebook Phenomenon Truly Means for Labor Organizers
  8. How Brand-Related User-Generated Content Differs Across YOUTUBE, Facebook, and Twitter
  9. Facebook and Its Effects on People’s Real-Life Interactions
  10. Social Networking Sites and Youth Transition: The Use of Facebook and Personal Well-Being of Social Work Young Graduates
  11. Online Political Communication: The Role of Image Upload on Facebook
  12. Intercultural Marketing: Culture and Its Influence on the Efficiency of Facebook Marketing Communication
  13. Effective Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Business
  14. Privacy and Perceptions: How Facebook Advertising Affects Its Users
  15. Facebook Has Changed the Face of Social Media
  16. Suicide and Social Media Composition: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  17. Cultural and Personality Predictors of Facebook Intrusion
  18. Facebook Friends: How Many Do I Need to Be Cool?
  19. Exploring the Eco-Attitudes and Buying Behavior of Facebook Users
  20. Should Teachers Take Students’ Facebook Profile Into Account When Evaluating Their Conduct?
  21. Facebook and Harmful Effects: Internet Addiction
  22. How Facebook and Myspace Affect Communication in the Physical World
  23. Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay: Is the Internet Driving Competition or Market Monopolization?
  24. Facebook: Social Network Service and Young Generation
  25. The Facebook Paradox: Effects of Facebooking on Individuals’ Social Relationships and Psychological Well-Being
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