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Ethical Issue Facing Facebook in Australia


Facebook being an international company headquartered in the United States, faces various challenges, especially those related to the government regulatory frameworks. The ethical difficulties deny the company to operate maximumly and reap expected returns. The Australian rule suggestion to require social media networks to pay reportage organizations for their information restricts various social media from accepting proposals from domestic companies in Australia (Vanessa,2021). The political arena is the major ethical issue facing Facebook in Australia. It has a direct influence on the business operation as well as organizational manifestation.

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Company’s Manager Perception of dilemma

Many perceive this dilemma as a competitive approach by local media through collaborative government ideas to protect the company’s interest in the international market. When the environment is toxic, Managers should consider exiting markets or restructuring policies to ensure mutual benefits and promote company growth through new ventures (Connolly et al.,2019). Lobbying for binding United Nations regulations would restrict further delimitation by the Australian authorities.

Categorization of Perceptions and Responses

The perception is both rule-based and Consequential. The Australian government has been trying to resolve the challenges of letting international organizations control their economy. For this reason, the government pose restrictions based on their rule-based approach. Most of the regulations by the Australian government are done to support the various proposal by the government as means of supporting domestic media and promoting growth. The other aspect is the Australian government’s lack of full access to communication technology. (Campbell, 2020).

Seeing from Other Perspectives and Resolution of Dilemma

The other premier idea related to this ethical issue is competence. The most international organization faces local challenges due to the desire by local governments to protect domestic institutions. This idea requires multinational companies to institute positive results of promoting global engagement in a competent manner. To resolve this dilemma, Facebook should consider investing in other markets without restrictions. Collaborating with rule-based regulation can also result in effectual output.

Ethical Framework to use

The best ethical framework to use is the common good approach. This infers to the examination of result-based study based on the common good to both Australians and Facebook. It is necessary to evaluate the best option for evaluating what seems to benefit the Australian government and Facebook as an international company.


Campbell, V. A. (2020). Facebook and relationship building are a registered charity: An exploration of facebook communication to enhance real-world relationships with the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA). Breastfeeding Review, 28(2), 7.

Connolly, T., Willis, J., & Lloyd, M. (2019). Evaluating teacher and learner readiness to use Facebook in an Australian vocational setting. Studies in Continuing Education, 41(1), 61-75.

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Vanessa Freije (2021) The Conversation; Facebook would rather Ban News in Australia than pay for it. Web.

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