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  1. The United States National Policy and Federalism
    The US national policies are compared to those of the federal governments, and there is a number of considerable differences between the two structures.
  2. Federalism, Consociational Democracy, Government
    Though federalism and consociational democracy overlap in many aspects, some distinctive features that divide them into two distinct terms.
  3. Federalism and the Making of America
    The federal government supersedes the state government and the cooperation between the two is hardly friendly. The state governments have the liberty to form their own political structures.
  4. Part III of “Federalism and the Making of America” by Robertson
    As the country’s federal structure was being constituted, laws and their limitations were introduced in order to maintain harmony among the people.
  5. Moro Conflict in Mindanao: In Pursuit of Federalism
    The resolution of the conflict in the Philippines is an actual topic of discussion. The fight against Islamic extremists is also discussed in this news article.
  6. The American Tradition of Federalism and Multiculturalism
    The ability of federalism to promote multiculturalism and contribute to national cohesion presents its strong points.
  7. Federalism and Originalism in American History
    The debate over federalism and originalism was initiated not long ago, with the country’s existence crossing the verge of two centuries and moving forward to its prosperity.
  8. Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism
    Federalism is a system that presupposes the division of political power between state and federal governments.
  9. Federalism in the USA Overview
    This paper describes federalism in the United States that granted somewhat equal and independent powers to the state and federal authorities.
  10. The U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights
    The need for the U.S. Constitution arose from the fact that the Articles of Confederation were not effective enough in the governance of the country.
  11. Federalism: What It Is and How It Came to Be
    There are several reasons why Federal systems are preferred, and they include; (a) the size of the nation and (b) the assortment of the political sectors.
  12. Federalism in the US
    Federalism is a political system of state establishment, which allows separate states within an entity to function under a common set of rules.
  13. Federalism Effectiveness Analysis
    Regarding effectiveness, federating is a more efficient form of government since the decentralization of power allows the states to solve their problems.
  14. The Federalist Paper: Equal Rights Amendment
    The issue of equality is one of the priorities in the United States and, therefore, should be protected by legal documents.
  15. Federalism in the Context of Immigration and Trump’s Presidency
    The key element of American federalism is the power of individual states to determine their own political structure and the policy to influence the central government bodies.
  16. Abortions. Perspectives, Federalism, Court Cases
    Abortion has been one of the most provocative topics across the globe. People have different views on whether a woman should be permitted to abort her child or not.
  17. Federalism and Covid-19 in the United States
    In the article “One Virus, Two Americas”, Ashish Jha illustrates how the pandemic has manifested the strengths and weaknesses of a two-tier government system
  18. Anti-Federalist Position of the US Constitution
    The US Constitution rather vaguely limits the power of the new unified Government, which hardly represents the core interests of the free inhabitants of the USA.
  19. Federalist, Anti-Federalist Governments, and the U.S. Constitution
    At the end of the 18th century, Federalists and Anti-Federalists, who were against the ratification of the US Constitution, initiated the dispute over the state’s future.

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  1. Adapting Federalism: Indigenous Multilevel Governance in Canada and the United States
  2. Decentralization, Competition, and the Efficiency of Federalism
  3. Fiscal Rules and Federalism as Determinants of Budget Performance
  4. Citizen Attitudes Toward Issues of Federalism in Canada, Mexico, and the United States
  5. Beyond National Standards: Reconciling Tension Between Federalism and the Welfare State
  6. The Main Features of American Federalism
  7. American Federalism and Intergovernmental Innovation in State-Tribal Relations
  8. State Rights and the Concepts of Dual Federalism vs. Cooperative Federalism
  9. Does Federalism Matter? Political Choice in the Federal Republic
  10. Federalism From Its Beginning to the Present
  11. Competing Ideologies: Dual Federalism vs. Cooperative Federalism
  12. Morality Policy and Federalism: Innovation, Diffusion, and Limits
  13. Budget Federalism and Interbudgetary Relations
  14. Education, Welfare and the New Federalism: State Budgeting in a Federalist Public Economy
  15. Requirements, Principles, and Performance of Corporate Federalism
  16. Historical Institutionalism and the Varieties of Federalism in Germany and Canada
  17. The Conflict Between States and Federalism During Ronald Reagan’s Presidency
  18. Australian Federalism and the Convention of Responsible Government
  19. National-State Relations: Cooperative Federalism in the Twentieth Century
  20. Federalism and Election Law: Implementation Issues in Rural America
  21. Rethinking Federalism: Changing Power Relations Between the Center and the States
  22. Early American History: Federalism and Anti-federalism
  23. Constitutionalizing the Dispute: Federalism in Hyper-Partisan Times
  24. Same-Sex Marriage and Immigration: The Role of Federalism
  25. Beyond Quasi-Federalism: Change and Continuity in Indian Federalism

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  1. Corporate Investment and Political Federalism: Does Judicial Efficiency Matter?
  2. Public Goods and the Stability of Federalism
  3. Anglicizing the United States Constitution: James Bryce’s Contribution to Australian Federalism
  4. The Difference Between Separation of Powers and Federalism
  5. Federalism and Constitutional Development in Pakistan
  6. Tax Competition, Benefit Taxes, and Fiscal Federalism
  7. Civil Conflict, Federalism, and Strategic Delegation of Leadership
  8. Regulatory Federalism and the Distribution of Air Pollutant Emissions
  9. Beyond the Financial Crisis: The Future of Fiscal Federalism in the United States
  10. Understanding the Basic Idea of Federalism in the U.S
  11. Federalism and Fiscal Policy: The Politics of Equalization in Canada
  12. Contested Federalism and American Climate Policy
  13. Link Between Federalism and Good Governance
  14. Environmental Policy, Federalism, and the Obama Presidency
  15. Special Status for Goa and Indian Federalism
  16. Federalism and Incentives for the Success of Democracy
  17. History, Evaluation, and Development of Federalism
  18. American Federalism and Gun Control
  19. Policy, Federalism, and Regulating Broadband Internet Access
  20. Federalism and Cities From the Middle of the Twentieth
  21. Brexit and Scotland: Centralism, Federalism or Independence
  22. Assessing the Empirical Impact of Environmental Federalism
  23. Fiscal Federalism and Public Service Provision in Canada
  24. Cooperative Federalism and Fair Housing Enforcement
  25. Asymmetric Information and Regional Transfers: Federalism Versus Devolution
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